About Me

That is the question of the decade. For the sake of some sort of anonymity (As if!) I will just say that I am a Canadian (By Passport), a Saudi (through Marriage), and to be honest a Global citizen through life experience; I have lived in Many countries, visited countless others, and have roots in the mother land.

I am a strong, at times confused young lady. I still can't believe I am not that young 18 year old that had the world in front of her, university, career, career, career! Well the first part came true, I did graduate from University of Toronto with a double major of Political Science and Sociology, but that's where it all stopped. lol. I got married to my sweet hubby; moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I have since gotten very bored of watching more TV in my first 2 years here then I ever did in my entire life combined! Il7amdlilah ;had 3 delightfully amazing kids to add some sugar and spice to my life. I love them all dearly, and I won't say I am a perfect mom or wife, but I am trying hard to be the best mom possible; with my mom as a super mom its hard for me to even try to compare; I was blessed with the worlds BEST mom!

I Love the fact that I have lived in many countries, and many cities within those countries. I have met people from all walks of life, and thus must say that I have a pretty high tolerance level to 'different' people. I should add that as the years have passed my tolerance level for ignorance has gotten very minimal.

I am a Muslim through birth and by choice, and truly love what Islam brings into my life. I do hope that I will one day be a better practicing Muslimah, as I truly do believe that this life is nothing more then a test (that I think I might be failing atm :s).

I love to see other people happy, and really get a high from seeing my family and loved ones, and yes even strangers happy!

I am by no means perfect, and come from a family that has more then enough issues to write, publish and be a best seller, and then ultimately have Oprah give me the thumbs up and even invite me on her show.. lol.. but alas I do love my privacy. Gladly Money and fame are not a motivation in life.

I love shopping, I love shoes, I love make-up/perfumes, and I love KITCHEN and all HOUSE shopping. I mean I get a high when I go into any of those stores. I even love going to Saco (Home Depot's equivalent in Saudi)!

Anyway, That was all kinda random, and I will probably add, delete, redo any of these as the days/months/years pass, because I am unpredictable (I wish!) like that!

I have been hurt, have felt love, have experienced loss through my years, but I am growing (hopefully) to be a better and stronger version of my younger self.

My writings are all about my days, I do not write for any ones agenda, I do not write for political gains, I do not write to gain an audience by bashing the country I call home. I'm just a girl grown woman, a mom, a wife, that has made herself a little home in la-la land to ramble as needed... So grab yourself some tea or coffee, and enjoy (or not) my ramblings from Rio De Najdero.

God Bless