Apr 5, 2016

I'll just dip my feet in the oh so cold water...

Yoo-hoo, its me!

I know, its been a while, so long I refuse to look at my last post to see the last published date. I've got a tab open with a google search on how to go back to blogging after being away for so long', and well, the answers were a little too thought consuming for me. I'll just blurt it out, I've been uninspired, I've found myself with nothing important to share. I have had messages (Thank you so much to those that have missed my rambling presence in the blog world) asking me where the heck I've been, and if I'd be back. The honest answer, was that I'm not sure, I have nothing important or new to share. I think that was my problem, this blog has always served as a diary for me, a place to rant, ramble, or just share things I've found. But my life is pretty boring, who wants to read about some boring ladies daily life in the desert she calls home. I reached a point where I was sure what I had to say was of zero importance to anyone. I mean I am a stay at home mama, and my life consists of doing mommy things and breakfasts out with friends. Kind of boring, with nothing really to add to the world around me.

Most bloggers I know have a certain genre they stick with, I don't have that kind of mind frame, I get bored easily, and jump around from topic to topic with no real space in the blogosphere. Anyways, all things aside, I've decided that I am gonna dip my feet back in the cold pool, and slowly come back to blogging. At the end of the day, I get to ramble, and share my 2 cents on issues, and the plus side is if there is anyone out there who has the time to brush off the spider webs on my little virtual front door, they are more then welcome to sit back and read.

I realize this entire blog post was about why I stopped blogging, and why I now want to try starting again, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Here are a few updates from my Oh so fabulous life,

My kids are still enrolled in the Private Arabic school, and are doing great. My six year old forbids me from speaking English on school property, because apparently speaking English isn't cool (that is going to be a blog post of its own!).

I still love photography, and snap pictures whenever I can of random places, people and the life (dude, that would also be a great blog post!)

I'm still doing the parenting thing, and my kids are all alive and kicking and still love me and my coolness- that's awesome and a great achievement!

I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women here in Riyadh, that are absolutely inspirational, and are probably why I have found my life a bit too boring!

I've started walking/jogging/running on my treadmill as of November 2015, and have not only lost my post baby ( well technically my youngest is 4, so yeah, it took me long enough!) weight, but I have gained new energy that I thought I'd lost forever.

There is a lot more, and I'll share my different perspectives in time. Excuse my rustiness, its been a long time since I've been here, but I shall start with baby steps, maybe once a week. I won't promise anything earth shattering, but I promise to be me, and genuine to myself.

Have a wonderful day from Rio De Najdero!

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