Apr 14, 2016

Hello My Name is Lavi, and I'm a Pictureholic!

Last nights beautiful sunset in Riyadh. 

This morning, as I was coming home from dropping my children off at school I started browsing the pictures on my phone. As I was swiping, I noticed an embarrassing trend. Half the pictures I have in my extremely full phone are pictures of FOOD! I know its all trendy and all, but I was that crazy person that took pictures of food back when pictures weren't on a phone, back in the days when pictures needed to be developed at the drugstore! But as I was browsing, I suddenly felt this sick feeling in my stomach, and I realized, I HAVE A PROBLEM!  I began deleting pictures one by one, and on my drive home from school I was already at approximately 2000 pictures deleted. I wasn't nearly done, but that just seemed crazy even to me! I need to get my priorities straight, these pictures not only showed me that I take far too many pictures of food, but that I honestly spend too much time eating out. It's become my social outing. And I seriously need to slow it down. So here is a promise to myself, to eat out less, and I would say I won't take pics of the food, but that would be a lie, so I promise to delete them, instead of keeping pictures of food as a memory! I also really need to find something to do with my time, I've hit a place in my life, where I feel like I'm missing something, as a kid, and teenager, I had dreams of becoming something, I am in no way saying my job as a mom is nothing, but I do have time in the morning where I can most definitely do something other then eat and shop! I need to do something much more meaning, but I am at a loss, and don't really know what I would be good at. I mean what can I give back to this world, I feel like my brain barely functions anymore, I've perfected the art of changing diapers, but thts no longer part of my life. I need to think long and hard, and find something, anything, that will give me that feel of self fulfillment.

I'll leave you with some pics of food I've taken, which are now deleted and off my phone! Have a great weekend.

 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this,
 And this!

You catch my drift? 

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  1. assalaamu alaikum hi how have you been? today i thought of going through your blog and i see new post....its good to have you back...
    i have a suggestion,if you don't mind that is, since food is most peoples favorite why don't you do same recipes, main meals desserts drinks reviews on places to eat places to visit would be fun
    welcome back tho


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