Apr 14, 2016

A promise is a promise!

So last week, I came here and wrote about how I was all for coming back to blogging, and all the reasons why I kind of slowed down stopped! And I made myself a promise that I'd at the very least try to blog weekly, so here I am! A promise even to ones self is a promise right? So what shall I talk about today?

I'll talk about what I know best, my kiddos! They really do amuse me. Every morning we have this ongoing struggle argument where my eldest son (he's 6 now!) tells me why he shouldn't have to go to school, and why he wants to be Qayib (absent). The list goes from my tummy hurts, to I don't feel like wearing shoes, and an array of interesting excuses that would surely earn him a spot on the Guinness world records. Anyway, my daughter is amazingly easy, most days she sets her own alarm and is up and getting ready, others I just turn on her light and say good morning, and that's it. She seriously is my calm when surrounded by chaos. So today, just as we were about to leave for school, I hear my youngest upstairs ad awake. I usually leave him asleep with his dad, and I get to drop the kids off at school and come back to enjoy my coffee before he is up. Not today, but its all good, I can handle it. He came down wearing his house thawb (Saudi/Arab PJ's), grabbed a Mango Juice (don't judge y'all, don't judge! We ran out of the house, and my eldest was mortified that my youngest was going to his school dressed like that! Mind you he is the king of crazy choice of clothing selections he's worn a shmaq/egal (Saudi Men's headdress) with jeans and big old winter Ecco boots! to the mall before!

Here is my mini, in PJ's and his Croc Boots :)

When we got to school, we all got out of the car, as I always walk them onto school premises, watch till they join their teacher and class and then leave. My youngest wanted a hug from his siblings, my daughter obliged and loved it, my eldest looked around to make sure no one was watching and quickly hugged his brother before running off to his class line. My youngest was happy, but I was giggling the entire time. I think I've already mentioned in my previous post that we are not allowed to speak Arabic at school around my son, and my eldest will go as far as running to me or his brother to cover our mouth and whisper (kalm Arabi!!! (Speak Arabic!). This no English sentence he's put on us has been going on for some time, at first I was quite annoyed, but in the end I let my son have it. Apparently his classmates were making fun of him for speaking English, and have labeled him not Saudi enough. I have decided to then allow it, however I've made very clear to him that he should be proud of all his parts, Arabic and English aside. I also made it a point to remind him that his friends from school can't enjoy movies like he can! Since most are English and the theaters only have Arabic subtitles. :D I may have also kind of mentioned that all his favorite super heroes speak English, and only he out of all his classmates could have a full conversation with them!

I may have taken a two day break before I actually finished this blog entry :)

So where was I? Yes the language bit, Anyhow, we've made a decision (after talking to a few other fellow half Saudi moms) that I shall not utter a word of English on school property in front of the little guy. You gotta give a little once in a while, and this is  battle I'm allowing my son to win :)

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