Apr 28, 2015

The new face of Historical Al-Diriyah

When I first came to Riyadh, one of my all time favourite places to go to was the historical district of Diriya. It was the perfect place to capture what Saudi was well before the glitz and the glamour. You could see the clay houses the elders had lived in, the sense of community that was once there, before the large villas and palaces were closed in by high walls. Forcing the once beautiful welcoming nature and close knit bonds between neighbours to disappear.

In the last few years, they have been on a mission to make this beautiful spot more tourist friendly, they had closed down the actual historical neighbourhood I loved to roam through ( it is still closed to the public). Now when you get there, you see the beautiful landscaping work they have done with mini man made ponds and lots of green spaces for picnickers to enjoy. They have also opened an old style souq (market), with many coffee shops, and restaurants such as the famous Najd Village restaurant- one can not come to Riyadh and not try it! There are shops that cater toward traditional Saudi merchandise. I spotted a lovely shop that sold beautiful Bishts of all styles and colours. Thankfully they thought of parking ahead of time, and have made underground lots under the souq. It is a great place to enjoy with family and friends if you are in Rio De Najdero (Riyadh)! It can get a bit crowded, so I would suggest you go earlier in the day on weekends or weekdays for sure. Enjoy!

I won't go into much more, but will share some of the pictures I took.