May 3, 2014
So it's been a rather long time since I have posted here. Its gotten to a point where I am sure the blog has been sent off the bloggers of the past and laid to rest. But then a small part of me wants to keep it alive- even if for myself only. So here I am ready to share some random rambles.

What have I been up to? Honestly, just living. Kids, Family obligations, meeting up with friends, shopping, eating, and just making the best of what I've got. I've been here, there and everywhere in between. School recitals which have left me a gushing and proud mommy, mall dates that have had me nearly at tears and questioning my sanity for attempting to take 3 kids to the mall with me. Admittedly, I see kids that are far worst then my own. But this near perfectionist in me expects my kids to act like adults. To listen to what I say, to walk in a orderly fashion, to enjoy going in and out of shops without a break, to let ME sit at Starbucks and enjoy finishing my coffee, to allow ME the time to find something I like without giving up, and rushing out before I face embarrassment.  As a matter of fact, I am the problem. I need to just give in, let my kids be kids, they have a long road of adulthood ahead of them, and quite frankly I love the innocence of their current state.

I have finally gotten my own car and driver, and find myself going out just to go out,  I have even taken a few spins (yes, I know driving while women is looked down upon).. but I had to put my mark on my car. right? I am finally- after 10 years- getting a hang of the roads here. I can actually get from one side of the city to the other, and know the street names! No more asking people which mall they live near. :) And I am enjoying the lovely city of mine so much more and meeting new faces daily, all while enjoying some quality time with my little guy Boodz! I love it.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some random pics I have taken, and hope you are all in the best of health. Peace, and  love.

Picking up some bagels from Circles & Circles here in Riyadh. Only place to get real bagels.

Always time for some coffee...  Caribou Coffee @ Sahara Mall.

Who doesn't like candy? Get your fix at Candylawa @ Panorama Mall.

One of the parks at the DQ- this one is right next to the Canadian embassy.

Same park by the Canadian embassy

Boodz exploring a bit at the park.

Another park in the DQ- one of my favorite spots to let the kids run around freely without worrying too much.

Our turtle Chicken hanging out with some of the boys cars at home.

And that was my attempt at stopping the very near demise of my blog!

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