May 15, 2014

Kid friendly restaurants- Piatto

The boys racing to get in first!

I like it when I can go somewhere my kids can actually enjoy themselves with waiters that understand the mainly foreign concept that kids will not act like adults at all times. Waiters that will take the time to play with your kids, give them treats, and all in all let your family feel wanted and respected in their establishment. There are many restaurants that fit this description here in Rio De Najdero AKA Riyadh but today I will give a quick review of Piatto, the newer one at Panorama Mall, which is smaller than the main branch, but seems much airier and fresher then the original. There will be a new one opening near my home, which will hopefully be the best Piatto in town!

I've gone there with all 3 of my kids, on about 3 occasion, and today only took the boys since my eldest daughter had school. They have a delightful kids menu that comes with a colouring book with a menu and a box of coloured pencils, to keep your little ones- and well adults alike- busy. For breakfast they will give you all you can eat loaves of this oh so delicious bread I am pretty sure I was allergic to, but it was so good, I decided to pick out the nuts, and munch on the parts that weren't infused in nuts. Piatto is also pretty well known for offering all you can eat Caesar salad, and garlic bread when you go there during lunch or dinner time. I have known a few people that got filled on the free stuff, and had to pack up their actual food in a doggy bag to take home. I have tried several foods from them, and to be perfectly honest not all their food is good, there are certain things that never fail, like the pizza for instance. My kids usually get the pizza they get to make themselves, which is super fun for them, and the last time we were at the Panorama location, the waiters let the kids put their pizza in the stone oven and wait till their pizza was fully done and ready to eat. the kids were super excited, and I think it may have helped them love their pizza even more. After all its their hard work that make it right? The Panorama location also has a lunch menu, where you pay 45 SAR for a wide choice of pizzas or pastas, the chicken, and fish options cost you 55 SAR and you get free refills on fountain drinks, and get some yummy gelato at the end with all your lunch meals. We never actually finish any of the food, because their portions are rather big, but you do leave satisfied.

Another pretty awesome thing about the Panorama location is that when nature calls, and you enter the washroom, you get a crash course on Italian. It'll give you a phrase in English, Arabic, and then Italian. My daughter absolutely loved it, and I think she may have learned a few new words that day!

Although the restaurant is nice on its own, when you know what to order, I'll admit what gets my kids to really love this location is the fact that Candylawa is right next door, and admittedly I bribe my middle son to behave by promising them that they can get 1 item from the candy shop once done. That place needs a blog post of its own, but it is pretty awesome! Anyway, there you have it, a place to take your kids to, that won't leave you feeling bad for being a parent of kids that behave like kids. I'll leave you with a few pics I snapped of our time there. Enjoy.

An extremely filling breakfast! Finishing even half of this omelette proved impossible, but is it not absolutely beautiful?

Chicken and broccoli fettucini

The outdoor sitting area when the weather permits.

The oven where the pizza is made.

Kids breakfast- again pretty big portions.

the oh so delicious bread!

The delicious gelato we were too full to finish!

This is the breakfast menu, they kids breakfast choices are at the bottom.

Piatto Sells Gelato to go, as well as sauces, dressings, and pasta you can take home and enjoy!


  1. Oh, I saw it there, but had no idea they did breakfast. I will try to get my dh to take us one morning bc I love a good western breakfast.

  2. Oooooh looks like my kinda breakfast, I've got to get hubby to take me there. Lol I've been using your blog as a guide to Riyadh these days.

  3. I suppose coffee is charged in addition?


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