May 21, 2014

I simply can't....

Summer is nearly here, I am trying to keep my little ones busy, and there is this Coronavirus that has put my husband at constant fear. I get daily phone calls/msgs from him, giving me an update on how many new cases have popped up in Riyadh alone. How many were fatalities, and reminding me that it's safer to stay home.

Problem is I can't  be quarantined at home, it'll be the end of my perceived sanity. I will start talking to walls, and quite honestly ever since I have gotten my car and driver, this new freedom can\t be put to an end. I need to see people, my kids will need to get out once school is out, and with very little social life. So what I have done is I have met him half way. I don't go to crowded places in the evenings, and have completely stopped going to malls on weekends and evenings with the kids. I honestly love the malls in the Morning when it's empty and I can shop in peace and quiet. We each carry hand sanitizer, I have drilled them again to cough into their inner elbow area- not hands. We wash our hands often, stay healthy, take vitamins, and read our Quran daily. All I can keep thinking of is that I survived SARS in Toronto', I can handle a little coronowhatever. I'm not sure if I am being careless, but this genuinely does not really scare me from hiding indoors.

The million messages the MOH sends have become tedious where they are telling us countless times just how to wash our hands, to stop consuming camel meat, or the latest where it is safe to consume camel meat that has been cooked well (no kidding?!!). I'll just keep my faith in Allah, and if anything does happen to me, ya'll can all laugh at my foolishness ;)

Here are some additions to my already overflowing 'mommy' purse, Alcohol spray (I didn't even know alcohol in this form was allowed here!), Hand sanitizer, and Masks, lots of masks!


  1. Stay safe! May Allah protect you and your family always. <3 :)

  2. I don't how things will be this year with Omrah during ramadhan and hajj,,We had few cases here in Oman too, but reported that they were visiting KSA beforehand..
    As you said,, you take your precautions but can't stay at home all time..I personally can't either

  3. My husband works in the emergency helicopter field and he's able to update me where the new cases are and what hospital the patient went to so we can avoid, but he noticed 1) all cases are directed to PUBLIC hospitals, not private and 2) most recently they've been outside of Riyadh. Still, I have some friends in the healthcare profession who say that it's hard to catch and it's a heavy virus, which means it isn't airborne. It is transferred through mucous, saliva, and anything wet and only by direct contact which is why you see loads of Doctors getting it but never the rest of a full plane (that greek man in a FULL flight didn't contaminate any other passengers, even the ones beside him. How? Because it's not airborne!) As my nurse friend put it, you would have to either be directly sneezed on or eat with VERY dirty hands (like with someone's snot on them. EW). She also said most nurses do NOT wear masks because it contains the virus through humidity that gets trapped inside of the mask. The best precaution is to keep distance, and to wash hands. Lol, and nothing an really keep me home at this point either.

  4. lavender is due for her one-year vaccinations, but we still haven't taken her in for them because of this coronavirus. it just doesn't seem prudent to take her to a hospital right now, especially while she's currently healthy. :( but it seems like the cases are declining, inshallah. hopefully we'll go and get it done sometime before ramadan starts.


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