May 12, 2014

Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Riyadh

Kempinski in Riyadh had its soft opening on March 4th.  The official grand opening has not been officially announced yet, but people have been able to book their stay with the understanding that construction has not finished, and many amenities such as the pool are not completed yet. Once completed this hotel will boast a luxury designer mall with many if the high end outlets available to the Riyadhistas. I know I'm looking forward to this new spot Riyadh will have to offer. And yet another bonus for me, it's not too far from my house and there isn't much traffic headed there.

I've been there for breakfast two times so far- Once with a group of friends and the second time with my family, and  although I found the serving time rather slow (I know, its a buffet, youre supposed to serve yourself, but it was a coffee that took about 10 minutes both times), the food was OK, and the atmosphere alone was worth the second visit. There were a few glitches,  the toaster the second time around wasn't working too well, and kept getting stuck, and I found the food a tad bit on the colder side (perhaps better heating containers/trays should be used?), it is obviously not at the same ranks as the other 5 star hotel buffet breakfasts we may be used to,  and certainly not like the Faisaliya breakfast spread my husband and I usually enjoy. I kept reminding myself that after all the hotel is still in its soft opening phase and the services and food will evolve to its 5 star status soon after the construction is completed. 

The ambiance is lovely, the decor is bright and perfect to just relax right here in our lovely city.  The waiters were amazing and even remembered me when I returned with my family the second time. My 3 children ate for free, and are 2, 4, and 6 years old. The charge is 150 SAR a person which is pretty good for the breakfast buffet prices in the city. The ambiance, oh the ambiance was just great, the music was playing at a volume just right, where you can hear, yet still keep up a conversation with your companions.  The buffet has all the usual favourites and you can order your eggs to your desired liking. All in all, for a soft opening the place us a great place to enjoy breakfast,  lunch or dinner with friends and family alike. I'll leave you with some pictures I snapped on both visits.


  1. I live around it too and we had no idea you could go in and stay. My husband always gets excited about it, so I'll be happy to share the news when he gets home. My daughter knows we're getting close to home by it already, it's our neighborhood landmark lol. I cant believe I didn't know there was a breakfast buffet nearby (up to Canadian standards?) since that's such a big deal to me. Haha

  2. My husband went there about a month ago for a meeting and told me it was not all that, but I think he is comparing it to the ones in Dubai lol.


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