May 17, 2014

Areej Cafe at Centria Mall

It's nearly summer here in Rio De Najdero, most schools are already out, and parents are scrambling around to find activities their little ones will enjoy, and can keep them busy. 

I have been following Areej Cafe on Instagram for quite some time, and have been really interested in taking my daughter to their Art classes. It's a 2 hour session that involves a chosen weekly activity, and your children are served a delicious spread for lunch, along with a yummy delicious milkshake. They have made artsy balls, masks, but yesterday we were there for the Stenciling class. 

My daughter absolutely enjoyed it, the ladies behind it are amazing, and a pleasure to be around. They give attention to the kids, play with them, and are very approachable which is key for young children. The class including lunch costs 140SAR which is honestly a great price for such a fun activity. I really wish I took my daughter much sooner! I will be taking her for as long as the classes are available, with Ramadan and summer travels coming, I need to ask what the summer schedule will be like. The great part is while your child is busy with crafts you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, some sweets of even lunch. Seriously a wonderful experience!

If you'd like to check them out, follow them on Instagram at @Areej_Artcafe or follow them on twitter under @areejartcafe , they can also be found on Facebook at Areej Art Cafe.


  1. Seems really nice place to live

  2. Oh wow how awesome. I just started following them and plan to take Talal or try anyway. What a great place for kids. You really find all the nice places to take them so I hope you make more posts like this especially now that Summer is here.


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