Feb 26, 2014

Tis that time of the year again... Jenedriya!

 After living here fore nearly a decade in which 2 past Jenedriyas oast whule I lived about 10 minutes away, I am embarrassed to admit I finally went for the first time this year! It was a beautiful experience, for the first time in Riyadh I was able to snap pictures of everyone and anything- I really wasn't used to it, and since I have become conditioned to sneaking pics here, my phone camera pictures were not as good as I would want them to be. But seriously, there were no looks at me for snapping pictures of complete strangers. It really felt like Riyadh had taken a chill pill in the photography department and I absolutely loved it!

The space is separated in different areas where each space is for a certain region of Riyadh. Admittedly it was so full when we went we didn't get to see all the beautiful culture there was to offer, couple in the factor that we completely forgot the strollers so my younger 2- heck all 3 of them- were absolutely tired and really could not handle being up so late (my kids are snoozing by 7pm, and we stayed till about 9 that night since it was a weekend) Needless to say they crashed in the car, and then sleep walked through the bedtime routine, and still were up at the crack of dawn. Go figure!

Anyway I will be going again today (daylight photos will hopefully be better!) with a friend and her kids (I went with the hubby last time- and will go back with thim tomorrow again as well)... so I will probably have a follow up post on it enshallah :) Enjoy!

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