Jan 5, 2014

Exploring Rio De Najdero...

After years of spending my free time at malls indulging in shopping and dining out, I have found myself dreadfully bored of it all. I have instead found the beauty of  just getting out doors and exploring the surroundings. You can find spectacular cliffs, mountainous areas and dare I even add lakes that usually form after rainfall. The kids can run about, while we keep a watch full eye in them and cook kabsa, enjoy a picnic, tea and coffee. The key is going with a good group of friends/family that allow you to be yourself and allow you to let lose without worrying about what you may say or do wrong, oh and of course yummy food, which MEN cook! That isn't my rule.. it's a desert outing rule... men put the aprons on not us women!

 I don't really have much to say, but thought I would share some random pictures I took while out and about a few weeks ago.

Watcha looking at?

A lake formed from rainfall

The sky is he limit...

Just hangin....

Kabsa is cooking in the great outdoors 

Yummy Tea


  1. Love it! We did that around Eid with all of my husband's paternal family (a heck of a lot of us) in the middle of nowhere about 2 hours from Al Baha- there was a water fall, lakes, tons of fresh fruit off trees, and all the natural beauty that Saudi has to offer! It was refreshing to be out, for one, but to not have to cover was a godsend and the men DID cook delicious food for all 30 women and their brood. Lovely! I can't wait to do it again, though secretly I'd love it if it were just my husband and I for a day. Talk about romantic!

    1. It is absolutely fun. And I think you should make that happen... It would be a beautiful experience indeed to be out there with just you and the hubby. Let him know, get the secret out and you never know it may be something he will be interested in as well 💖


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