Jan 8, 2014

The Mythical Super Mom. ..

I think we've all heard about that do it all mom, the kind that serves her children her husband and even her pets to perfection. From the day that baby pops out (or is cut out) she transforms into the all knowing all doing mom, that can never do wrong. The kids are put in diaper cloths, are fed organic food and nothing else. Those babies roll over at a month sit up at 3 months and even manage to walk at 6 months (please note to exageration sarcasm). That mom is never stressed, and she makes sure she is perfectly made up once the man of the house enters with a hot meal on the table- all this of course after she bathed her kids, put them in bed and read them each a bedtime story. This mother is perfection, she is who we as mothers want to be, and then kick ourselves hard for not becoming. Later on in life those kids are perfectly behaved, are captains of every sports team, first in their class, win all the spelling bees, get full scholarships to the top universities and still manage to listen to everything their mommy says (ok.. ignore that last part... by then kids have a way of showing their true colours to the world, and super mom can no longer play the charade).

Ladies and gentlemen, that kinda mom is a MYTH. A fabrication that I personally believe was created to make us normal moms feel unsuitable, allowing ourselves to kick ourselves in the arse all day long.

Today I had a very very hard and long day. You know those days where you find yourself begging your 4 year old to please listen to just one thing out of a million things, ready to bribe him to be the perfect child you want them to be, and then when that doesn't work, lock yourself in the washroom and allowed yourself to cry for 2 minutes, all this while giving your daughter a bath! I think that was my super mom material right there! Thankfully my mom is here with me for a bit, and she sat with the boys while I wiped my long gone dignity tears off my face, smiled at my daughter and finished shampooing/conditioning her hair. As I was drying her off it hit me, there is no bloody way anyone can do it all. I am sorry, I just refuse to believe it. I have had several friends say I am a super mom, and I just look at them and chuckle, and with a sigh tell them they have no idea what they are talking about. Half my day is running around like a headless chicken, meal plans do not exist, I simply open up my fridge and freezer stare and start to mentally put a meal together. A meal that needs to satisfy my picky eaters, and my diabetic husband. Most days after all the cooking is done, I make myself a sandwich and eat quietly after bedtime instead of the enjoying the food I slaved over

What was this post supposed to about again? Oh yes, the Myth that is the Super mom, I am here to tell you all that it is a figment of the imagination, a mirage, simply a myth like the boogie man, Santa, the Easter bunny, and even the tooth fairy- ALL NON EXISTENT. So the next time you are having a hard day, asking yourself why you can't be perfect, understand that what you are doing is perfect- that is your perfect! Be proud of yourself, be content with what you can do, and pray to God that you are doing it right, and that our kids grow up to be somewhat normal beings:)

Good night from Rio De Najdero!

PS- when you see another mother that is publicly struggling with her child, do not look down on her, give her a knowing understanding smile and a nod of solidarity.. we need to stand together!

PPS- Let me leave you with this great little song on parenting! I know I can relate!

We'll never be rested! (Parenting re-write of Royals!)


Jan 5, 2014

Exploring Rio De Najdero...

After years of spending my free time at malls indulging in shopping and dining out, I have found myself dreadfully bored of it all. I have instead found the beauty of  just getting out doors and exploring the surroundings. You can find spectacular cliffs, mountainous areas and dare I even add lakes that usually form after rainfall. The kids can run about, while we keep a watch full eye in them and cook kabsa, enjoy a picnic, tea and coffee. The key is going with a good group of friends/family that allow you to be yourself and allow you to let lose without worrying about what you may say or do wrong, oh and of course yummy food, which MEN cook! That isn't my rule.. it's a desert outing rule... men put the aprons on not us women!

 I don't really have much to say, but thought I would share some random pictures I took while out and about a few weeks ago.

Watcha looking at?

A lake formed from rainfall

The sky is he limit...

Just hangin....

Kabsa is cooking in the great outdoors 

Yummy Tea