Sep 11, 2013

Jamooly World- Riyadhs very own Kidzania

A few months ago I noticed a friend of mine post pictures of her kids at a place that closely resembled Kidzania. A place where kids got to suit up in whichever profession they choose and are instructed on what the job description is, as well as getting them to physically act out their profession. Curiosity got the best of me and I tracked it down!

I took my kids there a couple of times this summer, and they had a blast! The Ramadan hours were a bit late, but I am glad that hours are now back to normal. My kids decided on being Policemen to follow in the footsteps of their grandpa who is the retired Director of Riyadh Police. The kids took loads of pictures and can't wait to present it to him upon his return from his extended summer vacation. They were taken through what a Policeman does, and then had them actually go out for a walk, where one of the young men (the workers were all Saudi from what I saw- except for the barber) was dressed as a burglar and ran out of the convenience store they have located on site. The shopkeeper ran out and asked the young police-girls/boys to go catch the robber. The kids ran after him, apprehended him, and took him to his prison cell. The giggles were contagious. My kids really enjoyed it! Next time we have planned to go a little earlier, and let the kids chose 3 activities- the concept is wonderful, the kids are learning, and although Chucke-e-cheese is great, this place has my kids are playing while learning which is Super duper great!!

Anyway, back to Jammoly world. The place is seriously amazing. I think I was more excited than my kids with the whole idea. The place boasts a huge auditorium style seating area for the many shows they have for the kids. The kids can be Policemen, firemen, paramedics, journalists, cooks, and so many more amazing professions in a wonderful educational yet safe environment- what else could a parent ask for? They get an ID card, and get Jammoly money upon completing their activities! They boast a big soft play area for kids, cafe's, and its situated right next to Chuck-e-cheese and a Java-time drive-through (I made use of that one!). It really is a kids paradise. And they have barber shop for the kids to  I will be going back again, as the last time we were there, we were cut a bit short after my daughter fell from the huge slide, and we rushed her to the ER- that will be another blog post!.

Anyway, I will leave you with the pictures I took, and I really think it's great for parents to take their kids. It is mainly in Arabic, but we requested that they explain things to our kids in Arabic and they readily obliged. (Yes... I am a parent of Saudi kids who can't speak Arabic... SAD!)

If you have kids between 3-12 take them over to Jamooly World! It's located on the East Ring road, between exit 14-15. You take a U-turn at ext 15, and you will see it on your right. This wonderful place was brought to us by National Family Safety Program.

Oh and the BEST part is, its a family place, no segregation. so pack up BOTH parents and the kids and have a blast!

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The Jammoly Camel Mascot welcoming everyone in!

To the left you can see the audotorium style sitting area. Restaurants are upstairs (I didn't go up)


This is the large soft play area. Off to the back you will find an area for younger toddlers/children

Teaching kids to recycle, the entire place has these as garbage cans.. one fore regular trash and then for recycling items.. wonderful initiative!

The stage!







The front of the stage

My little man waiting to get a haircut!

Excuse the awful quality pictures! My phone was being very mean to me that day!

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