Jul 17, 2013

Trying yet failing...


  1. Walah I feel bad for you. Grief is a really personal thing and no two people go through it alike or can feel the same way. You do not have a time period to get better and feel happy, you never have to but of course you need to try for yourself because without being whole you will never feel right nor will those sweet kids of yours. Your father loved you and would never want to be the cause of any hardship you have. You have to remember that we are Muslims and death is something we accept and going to our maker.

    Do not try to change your grief because it is there but maybe just your attitude (for your own sanity). Grief at times consumes, meaning it affects not just our hearts but even the way we think and act.

    e should not grieve in the same way as those who have no hope, for Allah has promised us comfort and strength right into the valley of the shadow of death, and beyond. 
[Nabi Ibraheem 'Alayhis Salaam said: ‘0 Lord! Show me how you give life to the dead.’ He said: ‘Do you not believe?’ He said: ‘Yes, but to satisfy my own understanding, (tell me).’ Allah said: ‘Take four birds and tame them to return to you; put one of them on each of four separate hills, then call to them. They will come flying to you with speed.’ [Surah 02, al-Baqarah v:260]
When Allah calls us, we will surely ‘come flying’ to Him. Our earthly life is the separation on the hills; when we die, we will be called back to our real home, with Allah.
    I console myself with this aayah, 
”So do not lose heart, and do not fall into despair; for you must gain mastery if you are true in faith”. (Surah 03, Aal ‘Imraan v:139)

    Losing someone you love is tough but when you accept that it is from Allah as all conditions are, it makes it so much more manageable. May Allah make it easy on you sis.

    1. You are absolutely right dear. And the funny thing is I know it, and I keep reminding myself just that. I just need to move on.. and I am finding it harder then I thought it would be.

  2. It's password protected , but which everything is better now .

    1. Thank you very much. I just felt I needed to keep a few things private.


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