Jul 2, 2013

Here comes a rant...

Is Saudi Arabia perfect? I don't think anyone would ever say it is. In fact I am pretty sure no one would state any country in this magnificent world is perfect.
  • Yes, I would LOVE to drive, and still have high hopes for the day driving is finally fully 'traditionalized'- as we all know there is NOTHING illegal about it under Saudi law. Heck I would love to be able to do things as a grown adult, and be at the steering wheel of my OWN life!
  • I would love to have a little more freedom, would love to be able to go to a movie theater to watch a movie instead of  checking out and downloading pirated versions of it online (yes I admit it- I am forced to break some kind of semi-international law). 
  • I would love to be able to go and watch a sports game- any one of them. I love the feel of watching a heated game. 
  • I would love to be able to go out, and dress as I like- but admittedly in my now post baby and larger frame, it helps to cover up under the 3baya- and even makes last second runs out in my 3baya let me still look fabulously done up -no one needs to know I am wearing pyjama's under my lovely 3baya!
  • The hai'a... how can I discuss my issues without mentioning them right? Just last week I witnessed 2 members walking around a store in a mall here, and just pick out clothing they deemed too riskee for Saudi Arabia. The same clothing that came in through customs, the same clothing that will be donned UNDER a 3baya when out doors. They even confiscated some mens t-shirts, don't know what was on it, but I am guessing it was no 'acceptable' to this particular guy. By the time I finished my transaction, the clothing that was being taken away was at about 20,000 SAR. So although I do believe there is some good that they do, I do believe their job needs to be much more restricted., and confiscating clothing from stores really shouldn't be their business.
Now on to my rant, there are a lot of wonderful things here, and I have had it up to my  (pointing to my 5'9" top of my head)  about people constantly complaining about things here. I have noticed that to many, Saudi's are people to be loathed, detested and hated and can NEVER be good. They find negative in every aspect of life here. And I must again question, if life in Saudi is so positively repulsive, that living here has you hating and loathing the citizens of the country to that extreme, and that evidently everything done here disgusts you, why remain here?. I have never had an issue with constructive criticism, go back and read my posts... I am pretty darn good at that. But all out hate campaigns irks me. When people take news coming out of Saudi, and translate it incorrectly using words they are sure will stir up International sensational news- That freaking annoys me.

In my years here, I have been 'too religious by some, not religious enough by others, too conservative by some, and too liberal by others. It can seriously be annoying. Why not let me just use my own brain, think on my own, and let me be myself instead of a sheep that is part of your herd? Why must I be part one group or another.. why can't I see right from wrong as I personally see fit. I really thank you dad may you rest in eternal peace for allowing me to think outside of the box...

Rant Over

Kids pizza is ready, and I have 3 hungry kids staring at me, and cursing this laptop :)


  1. I love it when we have non saudi minds like yours here in Saudi . Willing to accept and embrace differences, criticise constructively, and most of all not offending in anyway !! it is so lovely how you do it ...

    I am filled with joy !!

    I take my hat off to you sis : )

    keep it up ..


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! You just put a huge smile on my face! God Bless you hon! Every society has good and bad.. but if we just go around focusing on the bad.. we would be living in a very very very very very bad gloomy world.


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