Jul 4, 2013

A drive through the desert...

My favourite pass-time in Riyadh, is grabbing a coffee and heading outside the city for a drive. We usually find ourselves in Diriya and looking at all the weekend homes that are magnificently built, the old Masjid of Imam Abdul Wahab and the old city that has been preserved (and is now under renovation). At times we  find ourselves headed towards Thumama road, and just checking out what the desert has in store for us. A few months ago, we were bored, and hopped in the car with the kids, got some snacks, and drove in the sunset (ok.. it wasn't sunset yet.. lol). We found ourselves at this place known to local boys as the 'death hill'.  I called it the Riyadh Nighclub! :) My husband told me him and his friends used to go there back in the day, and just do some crazy 4-wheel drive tricks up and down the sand dunes. I remember when I first got married, I went with one of his good friends and his wife, and we enjoyed some good old Sand Duning.. it was fun! And I even got to drive :) Anyways, I thought I would share a few pictures I took. There were huge crowds, my phone camera did no justice to show just how awesome it all was!

Some cars parked, you can see a few 4-wheel drives up on the hills.
I absolutely loves how the sun rays were peaking through the clouds here..
again wish I had my camera with me!
Some cars parked in the middle of the dessert.
Partying on a weekend- Saudi style!
This is part of Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad Al-Sauds istiraha (Rest home )
Having a conversation n the dessert.
Who needs chairs... these guys are Squating champions!
I liked how these rocks were positioned.
I really wish people would keep the dessert clean.
Seriously got me annoyed to see so much garbage ruining the beautiful scene.
I loved these lamps.. aren't they beautiful?
He was selling coffee and tea, and refreshments from his truck.
These guys had music blaring, and were dancing... it looked fun!
You can't see it, but one of the guys was dancing with a tradition sword!
Just sitting a relaxing with a good friend for some good conversation.


  1. I wish my husband liked do to things like that.

    1. Try asking him one day... he may surprise you hon.

  2. Sweet place to visit , I'll try doing that once in a while !!!


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