May 4, 2013

An unfortunate incident...

Jay walking: Walking across a street outside of marked cross-walks and not at a corner, and/or against a signal light (Wikipedia). In many countries it is a crime, in which one will get fined.

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to take my daughter to the equestrian club for some horse riding lessons (sadly, they are closed on Fridays, so we had to head back to the city right away). Anyways, as we were driving down Dammam Road, and then went off on Thumamah road, we were driving through an area where there is the Camel Market- my children love it, and love to point out the many different types of camels they see, It is set up in a way that the camel feed is on one side of the road, and the camels are on the other side in one particular area, thus forcing the workers to run back and forth between the highway to get things they may need on this at times very busy road/highway.

 I have always had this immense fear of hitting someone while they are crossing the street, because at times it looks like they may be playing a game of chicken where they dash in front of cars at the very last minute and you must remember some of these cars are going dangerously fast. Yesterday, something really awful happened, kind of like a nightmare come true. As we were driving, we noticed a guy was hit by a car, and his body was quickly grabbed by two other workers to clear him off the road and the incoming traffic. As we drove by,The man was a big man, tall and big built, I saw the mans face, his eyes were closed, his full beard looked freshly trimmed perhaps from his Friday rituals before going to Friday prayer.I keep seeing his face in front of me. I am not sure what happened to him, as my husband (rightfully) did not want to stop, as many other cars had halted to a stop, and made it nearly impossible for the man to get the much needed help he would need. When we were driving back about 20 minutes later, the spot was filled with several police, traffic police, and ambulances. The crowd was immense, and groups were huddled together with sorrowful eyes. I pray that the man survived.

This is on the drive back, there were more people eon the other side of the road, and towards the left of this picture.

Sadly, I think the roads here are made in a manner where people are forced to jaywalk. There will be times when there is no crossing for miles at a time. Making it next to impossible Not to put your life at risk in such a manner. Even drivers have issues where if they miss an exit, it can take a long drive to find a place to return from. With all these road projects going on around out city, one woould have thought things like this would be looked into. Anyway, I do sincerely hope the man survived this accident, and sending prayers to his family. Allah Yshfee. Allah yr7amo. Not sure which one to use here :/


  1. I'm new here in Saudi and it was one of the first things I experienced- someone dashing in front of our car. It's terrifying! Back home in Canada it's a huge no-no, so it's just very strange to me that anyone would risk it. Now I see, they don't really have a choice, no cross walks at all! I don't think I'd be able to recover from seeing someone get hit...

    1. It really is awful. The only thing that keeps me from breaking down is praying that enshallah he will recover. Thanks for passing by.


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