May 5, 2013

A Post that is as random as what really goes on in my head...

It is that time again, when most people will leave the scorching Saudi heat, and make their way to more pleasant locations, where they can relax, and be themselves among strangers. Ramadan this year hits us right in July, making a full summer away nearly impossible, because lets face it no matter how hot it is, there is no place like Saudi to spend Ramadan. Where the entire nation will switch over to barely working and lazy during the day, and up and bustling all night long. Taraweeh and qiyam prayers calling out from the many masjeds spread around our lovely city. In contrast many televisions through out the region will be set to the Ramadan musalsalat- there will be Khaleeji, Turkihs, Shami, Masri, Indian or whatever tickles your fancy to keep you occupied while you stay up till Fajr. Well that is the case in many homes. In my home, the kids will not sleep at 7:30-8pm as is custumary during the school year, but will probably stay up till 10, for my sanity, and so that I won't have them up and running around at 6am when I am trying to get some shut eye. Yup, thats me being a Selfish momy- Sue me!

So yeah summer heat is on its way, I have no idea where I will be travelling to. The in-laws will be going to their usual spot in La Jolla/San Diego. And this will be my very first summer where I won't be pregnant, pushing a baby out, or breastfeeding! Its been 6 1/2 years! And this summer, I have vowed (huge fail) to be back in my pre baby clothing, to go and get myself a drastic haircut. FINALLY get my teeth whitened, and maybe even do LASIK or whatever eye surgery will work to make me 'not blind as a bat'. Maybe while doing all that, I will finally learn to bake a pie!

Lastly, would like to give a blog shout out to some of the sweet ladies here in Riyadh that I got together with on Thursday, it was wonderful finally catching up with the ladies (Mandi, Nicole, and Laylah, and welcoming in a new face to the group - Mama B.

I FINALLY found a (nearly) OMG burger!

A New Gelato place opening up on Tahlia... looks delicious!
They actually supply these carts full of deliciousness for events!

Light at the end of the tunnel?


  1. Hi, this may sound totally random, but i was searching crochet supplies in riyadh and found your tweet. I dont know how to use twitter or this actually.. But i was wondering did you find supplies in lulu or any where else? Please let me know. Thank u. Xxx

    1. A Random question on a random post is perfect! lol. I must admit, that my frame of thought got scattered, and I have put that on the back burner (yet again). When I get serious about it, and actually get to doing it enshallah, I will post about it.
      I just did a quick Facebook search, hoping there would be a grou for it, but I found a person that perhaps you can message and ask? They live in Riyadh and may be able to assist you.


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