May 20, 2012

Fight like a GIRL: Saudi WOMEN took on Mount Everest!

A few years ago my family received bad news, my Saudi maternal Grandmother was found to have stage 3 breast cancer. It had spread in her left breast and her lymph nodes. Il7amdlilah it was caught in time. My grandmother had a mastectomy of her left breast. She went through Chemotherapy, Radiation, lost her hair.. had her ups and downs... but she SURVIVED under the grace of Allah.  She is now Cancer Free, and is doing great il7amdlilah.At this very moment my very own mother is having a mammogram done to test herself... I pray the results will be negative enshallah <3


Alya Al-Sa'ad
Hatun Madani
Mona Shahab
Noura Bouzo
Lina Al Maeena
Samaher Mously
Asma Al-Ghalib
Mashael AlHegelan
Hasna’a Mokhtar
Raha Moharrak 
HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud  

On the Eve of May 6/7th these 11 Exceptional, and amazing SAUDI WOMEN began their life changing journey. Their journey would take 2 weeks, and they have climbed to the top of Mount Everest for Breast Cancer Awareness. These 11 women went against all odds, and showed the world that being a Saudi and a women does not mean you can not achieve great things. You ladies were heard loud and clear.. My thanks to you all for the wonderful achievement you made for this beautiful country we all call home <3

The Facebook Page for these amazing ladies is A Woman's Journey - Destination Mount Everest

Zahra Breast Cancer Association

You can show them your support on that page.. once again.. BRAVO ya benat! We are all so very proud of your amazing achievement.. and YES WE CAN!!!!

All the pictures are from the Facebook Page linked above!


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