Mar 18, 2012

Safety First: Safety Caps for Medication

the one in the middle is the Panadol one... safety cap= CHECK :D

I have always wondered why medicines here did not have a safety cap. It just does not make sense. Why would a medicine meant for kids not have it? For the love of God, Vitamins back home have it. Thank God, I never had a problem with it, as I always keep it high and away from the kids, UNTIL a few weeks ago, when all 3 of my kids were sick I was giving them their medication.  I left it on the counter (cover closed) while I took my youngest to his crib. When I came back I found my older son, sitting on the kitchen counter, drinking the medicine! Thank God I caught him before he had too much, but it scared me, if I did not come down at that time, he could have easily chugged down the entire bottle :( Scary! And my anger about the lack of safety lids came back to me in full force (Yes... I was also pissed off at myself). Why would you not have a safety cover on ALL medication? How hard can it be to follow some sort of common sense?

I calmed down since then, and I was happy to notice that there is the Panadol Baby and infant  that actually had a safety cap! Thank you!!! Fevadol, Tempra ... YOU NEED TO GET ON BOARD WITH CHILD SAFETY!!! I will make it a point from now on to only buy medication with a safety lid (when possible)... I suggest you all do the same <3



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