Mar 6, 2012

My Month (OK 3 weeks so far) on Diet Watchers

For the last 3 weeks I have been eating food from a box. Whats that box you ask? It was from Diet watchers.

I found myself in a rut, and wanted to get out of it before it was too late, and I became one of those overweight mama's that have settled for the body she had. I wanted to become one of those moms people look at, and state' I can not believe you had 3 kids' :D. I knew I had not reached the point of no return yet, so I did a bit of research on the different programs 3 companies here in Riyadh have to offer. I chose Diet Watchers, as the replies to my twitter question "which diet company is the best? Diet Center, Diet World, or Diet Watchers' came back with positive reviews on this one.

I have tried some meals from Diet center and I will honestly say that I found the food rather bland. So after the Diet Center experience I didn't know what to expect. I will say from Day 1 that I was pleasantly surprised with the pretty decent, and often EXTREMELY delicious foods the box had to offer. I would like to add though that the Lunch Choices were by far the best. The Snacl was also nice. The breakfast and Lunch could have done with a little more choices.

In a matter of 10 days I was down about 3kg. I understand it was probably mainly water weight from my numerous washroom runs, that had me remembering my pregnancy days, but a 3kg weight loss on any scale had me veryy happy.

Here are a few of the dishes I had while on my diet plan. I have one week left, and will do my final weigh in at that point. I am seriously considering taking a one week break, and then resuming my diet watchers. We shall see. Here is a few of the meals I got while on my plan. Enjoy :)

PS- I was posting my daily meals on my facebook, and from the comments, people have been drooling over most of the dishes I had.

This is the box :)

Inside of the box...


  1. mashaAllah it all looks good. I feel like the good thing about these pre-packaged diet programs is the portion control. somebody else is doing all the measuring and counting and you aren't so tempted to over-eat the good food that you have. I'm the kind of person that will buy healthy food and then just eat too much of it... portion control is the hardest thing for me.

    But I feel like the downside is that after you finish the program, portion control is still sort of difficult to master because you never actually had to do it for yourself. It is hard to estimate the correct amount when you are making it for yourself.

  2. Hello New Wife... You are absolutely correct.. portioning ur food is important. My problem isn't portion size, I went on an all out sweet tooth rage. Who would have thought that cupcakes could be fattening? And then going crazy in disbelief about my weight going up? lol After this month, I think I have come back to understanding the importance of a balanced meal. That I can have my sweet stuff, but in moderation. I hope I stick to it enshallah :)

  3. lol yes exactly, only my sweet tooth is more of a bread tooth... HAHA

    inshaAllah I hope it goes well for you om lujain!!!

  4. Is this thing available in Jeddah too? As per me this is great diet plan. Being overweight is problem of a lot of people. Losing 3kg in days is a great achievement.

  5. I am looking for some more info on that, do they have a website? Because I am really interested in buying one plan from them. thanks

    1. Hello there.. sorry for the extremely late reply. I have asked, and have been told there are no branches in Jeddah. I believe you have a diet Center though, and I just found out through Google that there are the following available there as well...

      Hope that could help.. and best of luck to you enshallah!

  6. Thats a whole lot of carbs for a diet. Did they provide nutritional info?


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