Mar 29, 2012

Complete and Utter Randomness

Life is quite complicated
I hate to see people hurt
I love rain
I kind of miss being unknown
Growing up the majority of my friends have always been male
I have trust issues
I have serious trust issues
Even if I say I don't care.. deep down I really do
I like seeing people happy
I am wondering why my son has not woken up for his feed yet... hmm.. I should probably not over thing it.
I hate being blamed for something I did not do
I hate people thinking wrongly of me, and being unable to defend myself
I hate having nothing good to watch
I miss my friends... my best friends
I miss being able to talk to them without feeling judged
I miss Kuwait
I miss Toronto
I miss So-Cal
I miss AD
I need a good cup of coffee
I miss Tim Hortons
I want to go watch a movie, with a huge bucket of popcorn
I want to laugh so hard I nearly pee
I want to cry till I have no tears left
I want to walk down the street and just give a stranger a big smile without them thinking I want to be followed
I miss my mom... I truly do
Lately I have been feeling like I am drowning
I have to clean, but don't feel like doing a thing
I hate my phone... Wish I could just get rid of it and be unreachable
I hate feeling like I need to chose
I wish I could eat whatever the hell I wanted and not worry about gaining yet another butt!
I wish I could live by the beach
I wish I completed more from my bucket list
I want to travel
I need to travel
I miss my grandmother
I hate it when people swear 24/7
I need to appreciate the good I have in my life
I want to buy new books even though I already have dozens of boxes of books i Have yet to read
I refuse to get rid of any of my books even though I have no where to put them
I wish I had space for my own private library

I love Amazon
I love my kids
I love my family

Good night.


  1. I am not sure what is going on sweets but I feel like your really upset bc well I know what it feels and sounds like. You can talk to me about anything I am not sure if you know that or not but never feel like you cant. I know we are kinda stuck at home a lot and we could be much better friends if it were possible. But I am always a email or phone call away.

    1. Thank you 7abeebti.. I truly appreciate it <3

  2. you would hate me in real life... i sound like a foul mouthed trucker most of the time lol <3

    1. lol.. if I could get my Australian friend to stop swearing.. I am sure I can get anyone to stop swearing :P

  3. Assalamualaikum!

    Being here more almost 5 years I can relate to more than 50% of what you are feeling. I call it expat blues in arabia...esp when I get homesick, missing my home in Malaysia. They come and go...sigh...

    I think we being stuck in the house almost 24/7 makes us go insane sometimes!

    Wishing you sunshines and bright moments that will cheer you up soon!

    Btw, luv your blog.Been catching up on your previous entries :)

    1. Thank you for passing by dear... and it can be hard on us here... social life is key.. and sitting at home 24/7 kinda makes it impossible. Enshallah things will change around.. Are you in Saudi as well? which city?

    2. Wish I can say Im in London, hahaha,
      Im in Riyadh :D

    3. lol.. I wish I were in London too :D How long have u been here? Where abouts in Riyadh do u live?

  4. How long will you be in KSA? As a Canuck (in oil rich province of Alberta but was in B.C. and Ontario), I recognize all the things you long for.

    Maybe try a bike ride...dare yourself abit in the park. With the kids, it might legitamize it...or not?

    1. We are not allowed to ride bikes either.. I do ride it around my house.. lol.. (can get rather boring).. I would much rather ride through a lush park (not such thing here).. without having a million people staring at me.. or embarrassed in public for daring to ride a bike while female :( Since i have been here.. I have become a Movie, and TV show junkie.. not so healthy.. but I try to do my treadmill walk while I watch them now. I miss Canada.. <3 Big Hugs to my fellow Canucks <3

  5. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis!!!
    ohhhhh another CANADIAN married to a Saudi MAsha'Allah!

    your blog is awesome masha'Allah!!
    and I'm back in Toronto for Ramadan....and I must say, from living in no-mans-deer-hunting land to Muslim populated city full of masjids and halal restaurants.... I REALISED I MISSED TORONTO!!! Masha'Allah how the city is being populated by us lovely Muslims !!!

    Hope you're having alovely Ramadan i look forward to seeing more posts !!!
    please do visit my blog!
    I mainly write Islamic articles and keep my married life 2 a Saudi @ bay ;)



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