Mar 8, 2012

10 things that make me Happy...

Leyla over at has passed the baton over to me. The idea is to write about 10 things that make happy. I think it's a great idea, especially when one has lots of negative issues drowning them. So here it goes, here are 10 things that make me happy.

PS... adding pictures proved a little hard right now... so will just keep the 3 I added... and leave it at that :)

1) My Kids. No matter what mood I am in, they always make me feel warm inside. A feeling of joy (I will admit that joy can turn into anger at times... but this is a Happy post.. lol). I find myself sitting and watching my kids play with each other, and I love it. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, how in the world did I get lucky enough to have such wonderful and each with their own distinct personalities. I love them. I also love playing with them, and letting them lead me.. truly keeps me smiling. 

2) A Good gathering with good friends. These kind of things keep me happy for quite some time.

3) When my husband does something unexpectedly. We don't have as much time as we used to together, so the times we sit, chat, and laugh like old pals is something that makes me happy.

4) A good vacation out of the country is always game to make me happy. Where I can let loose, and be my old self for a bit.

5)Having breakfast outside. It is an amazing start to the day, and the sun keeps me energetic and happy the rest of the day.

6) Watering my garden. I know its a weird one, But the 30 minutes I take to water my garden keeps my spirits up.

7) Talking to my mom. Anytime I am down, just hearing my mothers voice gets me in higher spirits. I wish I had my family here with me, but for now, a phone call or a Skype chat keeps me extremely happy.

8) A good shopping spree. Yes this may sound like the typical materialistic thing to say. But it honestly keeps me elated. I love it. Finding those things that make me feel happy are important. And when I find the perfect outfit for my kids, I get a major high.

9) Working out. I notice that when I do workout, I am generally a happier person. The more active I am, the more fun I am to be around.

10) Getting an unexpected call from my old friends or family. Having a good laugh, and just revisiting the good old day.

Now I think I am supposed to tag 5 people, but I honestly don't know who to pass this on to. So whomever passes by and reads this, YOU are the winner :) You are the chosen one :) Now go on... let us know the 10 things that make you HAPPY.

PS: Noor.. I think I am finally gonna start the Tuesday 10 :)



  1. Happiness has different meanings for every person. Before you can learn how to be happy, you first need to define what happiness means to you and then you can seek it out.

  2. anything about finding solace in God? uns fIllah? try it, it's the only lasting and life-giving happiness! everything else passes away, God stays.

    1. You make it sound like I don't thank God for every breath I take. Allah is happiness to me. He is much more then this mere list. You do not know me, so please try to be a little more polite when talking to people.. Islam teaches Manners... use it! wa Jezach Allah Khair!

    2. l luv ur list .. I luv ur positivity .. and i luv how u find peace and joy in the smallest things !! Mashallah 3laiki :)

      i find happiness in:

      1- calling my mom on days I can't visit her. ( although she lives in the same town :p )
      2- Making my husband a meal and watching his reaction trying not show how bad my cooking is lol
      3- taking long walks in the mall and reflecting upon my life .
      4- I luv wandering in bookstores on weekdays! such a great weird pleasure :S
      5-being with friends I actually enjoy being with : )

      thank you Om Lujain for inspiring us :) please do keep ur positivity up .. I can feel it through ur posts mashallah .. I admire you for that .. : )

      @ Anonymous: I think that someone bragging about how close he is to Allah is considered "reya" .. are you familiar with that ?

      what is between a worshipper and Allah is no one's concern. A muslim is not obliged to show his relation with his creator!

      Islam is a religion of leniency. Please people don't turn it into a burden!!

      P.S : you might consider using a softer tone when speaking in the name of Islam .. this will make a much big difference :) the least you can do . Thank you .


    3. Thank you so much for your kind words! I love your list... It's really amazing how the most simple things can fill us with joy! May Allah shower you with happiness every single day! And I absolutely loved your number 2.. hahahha.. my husband will very easily tell me something is awful.. and go get take out!

      Oh and I love mall walking ( I would rather normal walking out doors, but alas it really is too hot here!) Are you in Riyadh?

      Thank you for your lovely comments!

  3. Actually I'm in the humid lovely Khobar :)

    I visit Riyadh from time to time though so I do know how HOT it can get lol (( May God save us all from Hell !! ))
    ur evenings r wonderful though .. unlike ours :s

    u should come and visit Khobar sometime ... but pleeeease come on decent weather days so u can enjoy it to the fullest ;) .. I'll be more than happy to answer aaaany questions regarding anything here !!

    wish u all the luck on the world dear <3


    1. aww.. mashallah! My mothers family is from Khobar.. so I go there often! My hair hates humidity though! So Riyadh's dry weather allows my hair to look decent (on most days.. lol). Thank you again for passing by! Have a wonderful day!


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