Dec 31, 2011

Lingerie SalesMEN no more :D

Hello there folks...

For as long as I had this blog... I had a sign that stated 'Say NO to SalesMEN in Saudi'... it has been a hot topic for many locally & internationally. There have been several times where men were told that the this double standard act had to stop- where men and women are strictly banned from mingling, yet we as women had to buy some of our most intimate belongings from MEN. Many chose to ignore the decrees where they were told the jobs had to be handed over to women instead of the men who currently held the position. Just imagine walking into a shop to buy yoursel funderwear, you pick up a 34C, and then a man comes out no where and says, this 36C looks about your size! Excuse me!!! The nerve right? Well this was a normal occurance for women across this nation. Many completely stopped buying their intimates from Saudi, and waited to indulge while the travelled. I remember once when I was in teh La Vie en ROse pictured bellow (before it became family only- women sales reps- I was buying some pyjamas, and then the sales clerk - a man- tried to get me to buy this feathery looking whips! He continued on to tell me that the black is nice, but the red one would be much nicer! The nerve! Something I wouldn't even talk to my husband about, and now I had some perve trying to sell me some feathery whips! I will leave the use for it to you imagination!!!

Many of the owners of these franchises refused to listen to the decree, or the many calls by the labour minister that this had to be put to an end, that  they needed to train women- but alas..... ladies we have finally done it! I can now safely remove the banner from my blog, and change it to something else. Now that we have finally been allowed the dignity of buying out own intimates... can I please be given the dignity to take my self in my own car to purchase them? Pretty please? That is my next Banner. I pray that sometime n teh near future my latest banner will be allowed to retire as something from the past. That one day they will allow us women to live as adults in this nation.  ... So Alf Mabrook ladies... .. now lets continue on and hopefully be able to drive OURSELVES to the lingerie store!

Taken at Kindom Mall Riyadh

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Dec 6, 2011

Al Shaya; No Refunds, Really?!

What especially bothers me is that we do not have change rooms here... so we MUST buy goods just to try it on... so under this new rule... we are forced to buy merchandise (even if we do not know it fits)... and then we are not allowed to have a full cash refund? Really... I guess we are gonna have a lot of ladies hiding behind the racks to try clothing on now... good move Al Shaya... your greed HAS gotten the best of u! #MajorFail

Al Shaya; No Refunds, Really?!

Dec 4, 2011

The Terrible Twos really do exist!

I love my children... I really, Really, REALLY do! They have brought in so much happiness to my life... they have shown me that there is more to life then meets the eye.

The Day I had my first child, my life had changed. My daughter was such an adorable little baby, so sweet, so peaceful, and so quiet. She was good (and still is) great at listening to me. Now at 4 she actually knows how to read my eyes, and can see what I am telling her. She knows what looks means 'don't you dare', she knows what look means 'go ahead', and many other gestures with different meanings. My dear daughter made it all so easy. I used to hear about the whole terrible 2 think and always thought to myself; those parents really don't know how to parent.. I should go give them a lesson or two.

Well a couple of years down the line... I am in desperate need of help and advise. I scour through article after article on how to deal with my now terrible 2 son. At times he has me in disbelief.. I ask myself, did he just do that? He is truly a sweet little kid (I guess I am biased).... but there are those times where he just locks his head up and throws out the keys. Somehow the word NO becomes a YES. Sit means stand up. Stop means go. (You get the point). I keep telling myself, he is just a kid, it will pass, but what if it doesn't? I have seen kids act worst then him and much older?  can sit here and blame cousins and what not for the learnt behaviours. But that will surely do no good. I am at a loss folks, I need help with my baby boy. I have been told often, boys will be boys. But what if I want a little boy that will listen to what he is told? I think another problem we have in my household is the different types of parenting. My husband is the smack him one type, and I am the talk to him type. My husband keeps telling me to just smack him, and he will listen... (I once actually did... and I felt like a shithead for a while). I don't believe beating him into submission will help, my talking is surely not helping, and the million and one websites that promise me it will all be over soon have given me no solace.

My son playing outside <3

Till then, I will try as many methods as I can google, and hoping that one day I will find that Magic Jackpot winner, as I am truly tired. I look at my 6 month old son now, and fear what is in store for me... 

PS- I promise not to have the holier than thou attitude again... lesson learned!

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