Oct 29, 2011

What do you see wrong in these pictures?

Can you spot anything wrong with any of these pictures? look really hard and you will notice something way off...

Have you noticed it yet? Pls take a good look... you will see something really wrong!

If you weren't able to see it.. look at the car I in the middle.. look at the rear window.. do you see the child laying down there? Mind you we are on a highway..in RIYADH! Not the safest of roads in the world.... I will never comprehend why parents allow such craziness.. I see kids jumping aeround the car on higways here.. I see fathers holding infants on their laps why they drive like mad men on the roads... i find mothers with children on her lap in the front seat, without a worry in the world. The look at me like a mad women when I have my kids all buckled into the car seats... I don't understand why they do not understand that for th safety of their children they need to buckle up! If an accident happens and the child is thrown out of the window and is kille.d. its is MURDER!

How long will it take for people to learn to take care of their kids.. to put their safety first above all laziness. There really needs to be an awareness campaign in this country...!

Oct 27, 2011

The Halloween Wake-up call....

My daughter has been doing a Halloween countdown now for about 2 weeks, asking me daily... 'Mama how long do I have left for Halloween'.. and I tell her without even thinking. She came home yesterday all proud showing me her weeks work. Don't get me wrong.. I think it was cute.. and I told her how beautiful her work was.. and how proud I was to have such a smart, beautiful daughter...

A Black cat she cut out and glued.

A pumkin she cut out and coloured


A flying bat she made.

She will be having a Halloween party at school next week, in which we ordered her a sleeping beauty outfit from Amazon. Just now it hit me when I asked my daughter... ha 7abeeebti... what is next week... and she shouted out HALLOWEEN. I was actually waiting for her to say Eid!

It hit me hard.. My 4 year old daughter, who was born and lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... a supposed Qaseemiya... knows NOTHING about Eid and knows next to nothing about Islam, except that I pray... she is doing the countdown for Halloween and driving me crazy daily yo try on her 'princess dress'... yet hadn't the slightest clue what Eid was supposed to be.

I failed big time! I really failed!

I am supposed to teach her what Eid is, I am supposed to teach her about Islam, by verbally teaching her, and through my actions. Sadly I failed!

This was a wake up call for me, that I MUST be more active in teaching my daughter things. One month in school and she is already doing the Halloween dance... and I am pretty sure Christmas will be yet another countdown.

I am awake now.. and shall be the teacher I am supposed to be.. give her more one on one time... teach her about our beautiful religion...

Weird/funny my things my daughter says..

About a week ago:

Me- Hon what do you want dad to get for you from the store
Lujain- Mama I want dad to get me some more dolls
Me- Honey you already have enough
Lujain- No Mama... I need more... they are bored and they want to talk to more dolls..

When she gets home from school, I like to ask her how her day went.

Me- How was your day love?
Lujain- I cut some papers with scissors
Me-Oh thats nice, so now you can cut?

Lujain-Yes Mama

Me- What else did you do hon?

Lujain- we did exersize mama. (she is eyeing the playroom)

Me- What did you do?

Lujain- 'she got up to show me' Really fast :)

Me- Oh that is nice hon, so you had fun

Lujain- yes mom (she is getting really fidgety now)

Me- what else did you did you learn 7abooba?

Lujain- ummmm mom, I really can't talk now, can we talk later?, I need to go colour before Mansour wakes up :D

(If Mansour is awake, he terrorises her, and doesn't let her get anything done.. :D)

Two days ago:

I gave both kids some cheetos (Not a usual thing.. but once in a while I give it to them. Mansour usually ALWAYS does a grab and dash on her where he will walk near her without notice... and in a split second grab whatever is in her hand and runnnnnns... lol.. I call it the 'grab and dash'. Anyway Lujain finished hers.... and was staring at Mansours bowl (it takes him ages to finish)... she looked to see that I wasn't looking, and grabbed one and stuffed it into her mouth. He was in shock... not happy... and I had to laugh really hard (I noticed the whole thing).. I then made her give back what she took from him (whatever she wasn't already happily munching).. and continue to laugh...

Lujain- Why are you laughing mama?
Me: I think that was hilarious... my have the tables turned..
Lujain- It is NOT funny, I am angry!
Me- You did wrong hon
Lujain- No, that was my bowl, so it is my cheetos...

Last night:

Lujain: Mama I learnt Arabic (she says it like an American... Ay-ra -(soft r) bic
Me: What did you learn today?
Lujain: Baqara (she says it Back-a-ra (soft r)
Me: That is nice... Baqara means cow hon..
Lujain: Yes mom, and I learnt another word!
Me: Thats is great what did you learn?
Lujain: khashakaha (thats what I heard!)
Me: ha? what was the hon
Lujain: says some gibrish again and she was looking all proud!

For a second I thought maybe just maybe there is a word I may not understand.. so i waited for my husband.. and he asked her to repeat her new word.. and she replied... Khashaha-whatever.

None of us understood... I need to call her arabic teacher! Perhaps get her to send home whatever she teaches her daily...

Oct 26, 2011

May you Rest in Peace...

Monday night much of the nation was glued to their TV's in anticipation of the moment the beloved Crown Prince- Prince Sultan's body would return to his homeland after his battle with Colon Cancer, and his death in New York on Saturday October 22nd. Like many of the people watching, I had goose bumps while watching the plane land on Saudi soil. Seeing the beloved King Abdullah walking [albeit with a walker] to receive the body of his younger brother was priceless- made even more touching with the knowledge that the King underwent Back surgery just days prior.

Source- Facebook

The crowd at the airport was overwhelming. The love pouring out to the late crown prince was something unseen. He was known as Sultan Al Khair- the good. He was well known for his charitable association, and the help he lent to those less priviliged. He was a man of honour. I watched a video on YouTube the other day, it brought me to tears, it showed the late Prince with a little handicapped boy. The laughing, the sweetness, the way he made a complete stranger feel like he was more important than anyone else, at that moment, I saw a glimpse of the prince I had not seen before, the paternal side. It was beautiful. Yesterday on twitter one of his grandsons posted a picture of himself as a newborn being held by his late grandfather. The picture once again showed me this wonderful paternal side of the late prince. A very touching site indeed.

Source- Fahad F Saud @1AngryArab

Type Prince Sultan on google, and search the pictures, out of thousands of pictures, I found a handfull that he was not smiling. He was truly the Smiling Prince... always happy...His smile was captivating, he seemed to be a happy and joyful person. He was buried yesterday. His family, His people, the nation have said their last goodbyes.

Source- Facebook

Source- Facebook

May he rest in peace, and it is beautiful that he had the chance to leave this world with so many people thinking so highly of him- again, not something that easily accomplished.

Source: Facebook

I would like you to take note the absolute purity of Islam, that no matter who we are, we all are laid to rest the same way. No extravagant shrines, or tombstones, no expensive marketing inspired coffins, we return to our lord in a simple white sheet- all of us. Royal or Commoner, Rich or poor, Black or white... we all return equal.

Dignitaries from around the world are pouring into our city to pay their last respects....
Allah yr7amak ya Sultan al Khair... May your sins be forgiven, and may you have a place in heaven waiting....

PS- There were articles online titled hundreds at the crown princes funeral (or something of the sort).. I don't know what footage they were watching.. but there were thousands flooding the masjid leaving barely any room to move around..... !

Oct 24, 2011

Long time no Blog...

This blog post was done last week.. but I forgot to publish it.. so here it is :)

Hey there folks...

Its been an extremely long time since I have blogged.. so I figured I would just start a post.. see where it goes.. and publish it (instead of saving for later and forgetting about it!).. the weather here in Riyadh is getting AMAZING... its Bar-b-que weather... sitting out in the garden with tea and coffee time... going out for lovely walks.. and hopefully fit in a trip to Salama Park (I have never been there yet.. but it looks lovely!). One of my favourite things to do here in Riyadh is to go out and drive.. (Ok.. I don't drive.. I sit in the passenger seat.. but u get the drift.) One of my fav places to check out is dir3iya.. I was saddened recently when I went there Camera in hand, and saw that the place I wanted was under construction.. (the old homes.. and the old palaces can be seen in ruins.. PERFECT)... we tried to find the new park thingy they opened at Wadi (whatever.. I 4get the last part of the name)... we drove and drove.. and drove.. and could not find it.. and my husband refused to stop and ask for directions.. (Typical!!!). Things are different now.. I used to go there often b4 I had kids.. but now with 3 kids under 4... there needs to be MAJOR planning in whatever I do. Its all good though.. its fun enough :) Anyway... I will leave you with a few pictures I took of the area around dir3iya... the farms... the place that used to be a lake.. its kinda nice.. different then hanging around indoors in Riyadh all the time :) Take care <3

I have more pictures... but I am having a hard time uploading them....
Oct 23, 2011

Oh Please Shut me up!

Have you ever said somethign to someone.. and the moment it left your lips you felt like kicking yourself in the arse BIG time!! Wishing you could hide in some little black hole where no one could find you. The problem is.. before it comes out, it seems perfectly OK. Today I had an incident that made me feel just so! I was at the dentist at Kingdom Hospital with my kids, and I lady came in with her daughter. We began talking, and did the whole how many kids do you have, how old are they talk that usually occurs. Anyway, she mentioned that her son was 12, and her daughter was 6. And my dumb ass asked her, 'So are you trying for a third now?' her face went completely BLANK. I had to save myself, and explain it away - even though by that time I knew I should have shut up. I was like' your son is 12, your daughter is six, so if you're doing the whole waiting 6 years thing.. now would be the time. SOMEONE PLEASE SHOOT ME! Anyway... If the lady I said that to ever reads this? (Hard chance)... pls forgive my weird joke, I am on a diet, and am not thinking properly :)

I have had other times I wishes I was on a black hole; the day I asked a 12 (or was she 11) year old if she was pregnant- mind you she did look older (and was wearing 3baya and shayla), but her mother was mortified)... I don't blame her. The day I asked this nurse at the hospital how far along she was... ermmm... she at the very least laughed about it, and told me she hasn't ever had a baby, and was not pregnant, but that she gets that question all the time. I really need to observe, and think before I speak... ahhhh.. anyhoo.. once again.. I am veryyy sorry to anyone I met and said something inappropriate to.

Source- http://www.flickr.com/photos/criss_lost_in_space/3615029272/in/pool-867422@N24

Guns should be locked up or left out of a home...

I was reading several 'news' articles today, and one link after another kept taking me to yet another accidental shooting by a child. My question would be; why are these guns not locked up? why are they loaded? why are they even in the house. Such stories are disturbing. Here are a few of the stories I read;

Source- http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Q7UQ2mivuZc/Td2-uZn1GNI/AAAAAAAABho/bhMLD2Haapo/s1600/Weapon_Free_Zone_No_Guns_Allowed.gif
A Saudi eight-year-old boy accidentally killed his younger sister while playing with his father’s gun in the Gulf Kingdom, Kabar daily reported on Monday.

The boy pulled the trigger by mistake as he was playing with his sister at their house in the southwestern town of Mikhwat, the paper said.

“The shot directly hit the girl…she was rushed to a nearby hospital but she was already dead,” the paper added without specifying the girl’s age.
And another...

A Saudi child killed his one-year-old sister while he was playing with his father’s hunting rifle, 'Sharq' newspaper reported on Saturday.
The child, 5, found his father’s gun and started fiddling with it, not knowing it was loaded, the Arabic language daily said in a report from the central town of Madinah.
“He pulled the trigger and the shot hit his sister who was very close to him….she died instantly,” it said.

And another...

A Saudi child killed his 10-year-old brother while he was playing with his father’s machine gun during a picnic in Saudi Arabia, Okaz daily reported on Monday.
The 11-year-old boy had not realized that he had loaded the weapon when he aimed the gun at his brother and pulled the trigger during a picnic with their parents in the northern town of Qurayat, the paper said.
“Obviously it was an accident but we are talking to the child to know exactly what happened,” said Lt Colonel Turku Muwaishir, a police spokesman.
And yes there is more...

A six-year-old Saudi boy accidentally shot his teen age sister while playing with his father’s gun but doctors said she was improving, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday.

The boy in the central town of Makkah was fiddling with the gun he had found in his father’s room when he put his finger on the trigger and pulled, Shams said.

“The bullet hit his sister in the leg…she was rushed to hospital where she had treatment…doctors later said she was improving.” 
These are so disturbing on so man levels.. my stomach hurts just thinking about it. i am not for guns, but I do believe if you will have such dangerous weapons in your home or around your children, you MUST keep them locked up, and you MUST keep them unloaded. These were all accidents that should not have happened. For the love of God, you job as a parent is to ensure your children are in a safe environment, that there is nothing around them that can harm them. the good old "Qadr Allah' should not be taken so lightly, it was YOUR bad judgement that has caused the event...

Source: http://www.barcoproducts.com/store/enlarge.asp?IMAGE=RSP265.jpg

*All the articles above were from Emirates247.com

PS for some odd reason I am unable to reply.. and I supposedly don'y have access or permission to comment on my own blog? *scratching my head*.. anyway YaMama... I replied to you in the comments... so let mer put it here :D

I completely agree with you! My husband thank GOD does not have a gun, but his father had several... the thought of being close to one freaks me out... (although I do want to go to a shooting range to let off some steam every once in a while:)

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