Nov 4, 2011

Cute :D

So my baby girl walks up to me this morning sits next to me, gies me her cute little look, but this time there was a hint of confusion in it... she then goes on to say....
Lujain- When I was laying down daddy went to the funny place... and he turned into a small daddy.

Me- Your daddy became a small daddy?!

Lujain- 'Yes mommy', then she whispers.. 'mommy how did he do it? how did he become small'

Me- honey it was a dream, go see daddy he is still normal :D

hehehe.. her dad turned into a midget in her dream .. Priceless :D

She just came to me and says-

Lujain- Mommy you were melting, and Mansour was jumping on you...

Me- Oh My... Was I the wicked witch of the west?

Lujain- Blank look :D :D :D



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