Nov 2, 2011

Brat Ban- KSA

What is a brat ban you say? They are establishments that have a NO-Child policy.

What does that mean? Well if you have a child with you, you simply can not go there.

There are movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores and countless other places that are implementing this ban. As a mother of 3 kids 4 and under, what is my say on the subject? I am all for it! I think there are places where children should not be allowed. Sometimes people need time away from their little ones. Lets take this scenario.

You have been working all week, and you and your partner need some alone grown-up time. you get a babysitter (or maid here) to take care of your kids, you get all dressed up, a dash of perfume, and you're out the door. You make it to the  5 star restaurant, are seated in a nice comfy corner. You laugh, and talk about your week, while sipping on your Saudi champagne. Out of no where you hear a loud squeal, and a baby crying. There is a toddler sitting there screaming  and throwing his food. You can no longer concentrate on your partner as all you hear is kids screaming, and a baby crying. the parents are mortified and don't know how to control the situation. Your date night is ruined, you might as well have brought your own kids so they could join the commotion.

That folks is why I truly believe, some places in Saudi need a brat ban! Hell, I feel the labour and delivery ward at the hospital needs to enforce a time where children should not be allowed to visit! When I had Abdullah, there were kids running around the halls at Kingdom Hospital at 2am!!!!

Anyway, this morning I was that mortified parent. I went to a new upscale french restaurant for breakfast, and I could not even enjoy anything. So please lets start a brat ban in this country, so parents like myself will know to leave their kids with a sitter/family member, and newly weds can enjoy some peace and quiet and truly enjoy the ambiance...

Heck.. lets get rid of all loud people.. children and adults alike ;)


  1. Can I get a brat ban in my life lol

  2. very trivial..what about parents who cant go anywhere without thier kids,,what will they do?

  3. Noor.. LMAO!

    Dentographer... thats how my life is... no maid.. no family to help me out... so the kids go wherever I go... but I honestly feel that there are some places its truly better for the sanity of the parents and children NOT to go to... why bother with a stuffy five star restaurant ur kids probably won't enjoy.. if u can go to a more family friendly joint the entire family will enjoy? :)

  4. I am just like you I have NO help with my son ever. Ugh how nice it would be t get away where a brat ban is (dreaming).. lol

  5. We have brat bans here in the United States and it's sad that parents don't control their children anymore. Parents used to think of others, and such bans weren't needed. When I was a child and began to behave badly in a restaurant my parents would tell me to stop. And the times I didn't stop, we left the restaurant. I can't remember being a baby but when my younger sister was one our parents would carry her outside when she cried. If she didn't stop, we went home before she ever got close to throwing food! When we got old enough to control ourselves, we would be punished for behaving badly and forcing the family to go home.

  6. TOTALLY AGREE!! Hilarious. And Dentographer, 3 times I gave birth in a hospital in Saudi and EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME I am kept op till 3 am with children playing tag up and down the hall outside my room! Once there was a child on a tricycle! There should be a rule! NO kids in a hospital after a certain time. Also, there are parents who are totally ok with letting their kids act horribly and bother other people. In fact, some think it is particularly funny and encourage it. So if it's a choice between dealing with those kind of parents and children and having a ban all together in certain places I AM ALL FOR IT lol

  7. HEAR HEAR! I've been taking classes to get a license in Dubai and leave my kids with a friend of mine for 2 hours...the BEST two hours I've had in a long time!!! All to myself :P I'm such a bad mom to feel that way!!


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