Nov 26, 2011

Blogs I love... and a Happy New Year :)

There are many blogs I LOVE, the blogs just put a smile on my face when I visit them... they are always full of nice fun and interesting topics... here is a list of 5 blogs I truly enjoy.. they are in no specific order... and they by no means are a full list of the blogs I enjoy reading... there are more.. but as I am here with my 2 year old son and my infant.. I really could not commit to a longer post now... I will be sure to more of the lovely blogs I love to explore and read....

1) Noor over at and
This girl is talented masha'allah... she always has an interesting topic to share.. and a yummilicious recipe to tickle everyones fancy.. Warning! You may gain weight just looking at her beautiful concoctions !!

2) Leyla over at gives readers a wonderful insite of Saudi from an Finish married to a Saudi's perspective! Her finish humor makes the blog a delight to read... she is also over at where she shares her wonderful photographic skills and takes visitors on a journey of often unseen sites in Saudi!

3) Mama B over at ... Ya Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (need I say more?) her humourous views on parenting here in the Magic kingdom is simply hilarious. She allows readers into the life of her Saudi family... her posts often have me in tears (tears of nearly pissing in my pants laughter!) a must READ!

4) Dentographer over at  he is a dentist and a photographer... need I say more? his blog takes you into his wonderful world of photography.. he shares his wonderful life as a daddy... and has you loving every single post he publishes (yala.. get back to blogging already... ur one of the people who got me back to blogging!)

5) Under the Abaya over at she takes you along on her funny yet at times heart wrenching roller coaster called life. Her words speak to me often... she takes you into her little world.. her self realization, her acceptance.. and her will to make it!

and there you have it.... Enjoy!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy (Hijri) New Year <3


  1. its heart warming to find my blog among someones favourites wallahi =)
    some times i wonder if its worth it since i get little to no comments on many of my posts.

    i have this problem that i have to get rid of,its my sense that i always have to post somthing of quality and value,or i should not post at all..being your own harshest critique is quite detrimental.

    thank you very much,i will post more often i promise!

  2. I understand how hard it is to blog with the kids at home... but u gotta do it.. and no one is asking for perfection.. sometimes the best things in life are out imperfections (if that can make any sense)! anything you can blog about... will be of interest to someone. I feel the same about comments.. sometimes its depressing seeing that u put effort into a post with no comments (I am sorry I know I read many comments and find myself with little to no time to properly reply.. I wish there was like a like button.. so people know that it has been read.. and appreciated! Thank you for passing by .. truly appreciated :)

  3. Om Lujain Thank you so much I'm truly flattered to be on your list!! You would be on mine if I make a similar post one day inshallah :)

    Dentographer-I know what you mean I have the same feeling many times. But I like your blog and read it, but wish you would post more often! That way inshallah you would get more comments on there as well. It would be really interesting to read more about your everyday life as a mixed couple.

    Ya and the comments thing can be really depressing. I think people are sometimes just too busy to write anything, they just read your post and then move on!Maybe they have kids too :) A like button would be the perfect solution to satisfy a bloggers need for recognition LOL

  4. MashAllah your so sweet sis <3 I love your blog and the ones you listed as well.

  5. On Lujain thank you! I am touched to be on this list! You are one of the first, and most loyal, blog visitor and you leave me comments which I lov! It is a horrible thing to write something and get no comments. Another thing i would love is to see how many people subscribed to my RSS feed. But I blog anyway, it's therapeutic.
    I love all the other blogs you listed and they are on my reading list. Dentographer if I waited for every post entry to be something serious or of true value I would have 5 posts lol. It's as much about the way you write as what you write about. And for people who have been following you for a while it's about wanting to know how you Re and how your life is going. Same goes for Om Lujain. I checked ur blog last week and saw it wasn't updated so didn't realise you posted this till today. Please do keep blogging!

  6. I thank you all for your comments... see that's why I love your bogs.. we've got some interaction going on :D <3 <3 <3

  7. No doubt those are quite interesting and great blogs. I also like a few articles at them and I also like your blog too. You may add another blog in to your reading list. That is Jeddah Photo Blog. A blog on Jeddah city photography. Here is the link to it.


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