Nov 26, 2011

Blogs I love... and a Happy New Year :)

There are many blogs I LOVE, the blogs just put a smile on my face when I visit them... they are always full of nice fun and interesting topics... here is a list of 5 blogs I truly enjoy.. they are in no specific order... and they by no means are a full list of the blogs I enjoy reading... there are more.. but as I am here with my 2 year old son and my infant.. I really could not commit to a longer post now... I will be sure to more of the lovely blogs I love to explore and read....

1) Noor over at and
This girl is talented masha'allah... she always has an interesting topic to share.. and a yummilicious recipe to tickle everyones fancy.. Warning! You may gain weight just looking at her beautiful concoctions !!

2) Leyla over at gives readers a wonderful insite of Saudi from an Finish married to a Saudi's perspective! Her finish humor makes the blog a delight to read... she is also over at where she shares her wonderful photographic skills and takes visitors on a journey of often unseen sites in Saudi!

3) Mama B over at ... Ya Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (need I say more?) her humourous views on parenting here in the Magic kingdom is simply hilarious. She allows readers into the life of her Saudi family... her posts often have me in tears (tears of nearly pissing in my pants laughter!) a must READ!

4) Dentographer over at  he is a dentist and a photographer... need I say more? his blog takes you into his wonderful world of photography.. he shares his wonderful life as a daddy... and has you loving every single post he publishes (yala.. get back to blogging already... ur one of the people who got me back to blogging!)

5) Under the Abaya over at she takes you along on her funny yet at times heart wrenching roller coaster called life. Her words speak to me often... she takes you into her little world.. her self realization, her acceptance.. and her will to make it!

and there you have it.... Enjoy!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy (Hijri) New Year <3

Nov 8, 2011

My gadget monster

Just as I was getting the hang of blogging my son spilt half a cup of coffee on my laptop... May it RIP. In his 2 years 1 month and 2 weeks in this world ... He has destroyed 4 laptops, an ipad, 2 of my Ericsson phones and my husbands old blackberry! Anyway I am typing this from my iphone and wanted to explain my absence. Moreover I would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Eid...

3idkum Mubarak wa 3sakum mn 3wada 

Nov 4, 2011

Cute :D

So my baby girl walks up to me this morning sits next to me, gies me her cute little look, but this time there was a hint of confusion in it... she then goes on to say....
Lujain- When I was laying down daddy went to the funny place... and he turned into a small daddy.

Me- Your daddy became a small daddy?!

Lujain- 'Yes mommy', then she whispers.. 'mommy how did he do it? how did he become small'

Me- honey it was a dream, go see daddy he is still normal :D

hehehe.. her dad turned into a midget in her dream .. Priceless :D

She just came to me and says-

Lujain- Mommy you were melting, and Mansour was jumping on you...

Me- Oh My... Was I the wicked witch of the west?

Lujain- Blank look :D :D :D

Nov 2, 2011

Brat Ban- KSA

What is a brat ban you say? They are establishments that have a NO-Child policy.

What does that mean? Well if you have a child with you, you simply can not go there.

There are movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores and countless other places that are implementing this ban. As a mother of 3 kids 4 and under, what is my say on the subject? I am all for it! I think there are places where children should not be allowed. Sometimes people need time away from their little ones. Lets take this scenario.

You have been working all week, and you and your partner need some alone grown-up time. you get a babysitter (or maid here) to take care of your kids, you get all dressed up, a dash of perfume, and you're out the door. You make it to the  5 star restaurant, are seated in a nice comfy corner. You laugh, and talk about your week, while sipping on your Saudi champagne. Out of no where you hear a loud squeal, and a baby crying. There is a toddler sitting there screaming  and throwing his food. You can no longer concentrate on your partner as all you hear is kids screaming, and a baby crying. the parents are mortified and don't know how to control the situation. Your date night is ruined, you might as well have brought your own kids so they could join the commotion.

That folks is why I truly believe, some places in Saudi need a brat ban! Hell, I feel the labour and delivery ward at the hospital needs to enforce a time where children should not be allowed to visit! When I had Abdullah, there were kids running around the halls at Kingdom Hospital at 2am!!!!

Anyway, this morning I was that mortified parent. I went to a new upscale french restaurant for breakfast, and I could not even enjoy anything. So please lets start a brat ban in this country, so parents like myself will know to leave their kids with a sitter/family member, and newly weds can enjoy some peace and quiet and truly enjoy the ambiance...

Heck.. lets get rid of all loud people.. children and adults alike ;)

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