Oct 29, 2011

What do you see wrong in these pictures?

Can you spot anything wrong with any of these pictures? look really hard and you will notice something way off...

Have you noticed it yet? Pls take a good look... you will see something really wrong!

If you weren't able to see it.. look at the car I in the middle.. look at the rear window.. do you see the child laying down there? Mind you we are on a highway..in RIYADH! Not the safest of roads in the world.... I will never comprehend why parents allow such craziness.. I see kids jumping aeround the car on higways here.. I see fathers holding infants on their laps why they drive like mad men on the roads... i find mothers with children on her lap in the front seat, without a worry in the world. The look at me like a mad women when I have my kids all buckled into the car seats... I don't understand why they do not understand that for th safety of their children they need to buckle up! If an accident happens and the child is thrown out of the window and is kille.d. its is MURDER!

How long will it take for people to learn to take care of their kids.. to put their safety first above all laziness. There really needs to be an awareness campaign in this country...!


  1. I can't believe parents would knowingly put their children in such danger! In Cairo, I'd often see whole families including toddlers without helmets on motorbikes in the middle of the city.

  2. :( Its sad when such acts become 'normal' :( I really do want to have some sort of awareness campaign... wonder if parents who lost their kids to such actions would be willing to speak out here...

  3. there wont be an awareness campaign worth establishing if there isnt any law enforcement that goes along with it…lets face it even in the USA many people obay the rules mainly to avoid tickets first,safety later,not because safety is not important,but because fines are a huge burden.

  4. Sad that the thought of losing a child isn't a bigger burden :( Thanks for your thoughts Dento :)

  5. AGAIN!!! The worse thing parents do to their children here in Saudi is not keep them safe in the most dangerous place!

  6. Yamamaa... it is sad!! Awareness and education IS needed! As dentographer mentioned.... Laws need to be enforced! Maybe we should get it to be part of the Hai'as job description... they are GREAT at enforcing things!


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