Oct 27, 2011

Weird/funny my things my daughter says..

About a week ago:

Me- Hon what do you want dad to get for you from the store
Lujain- Mama I want dad to get me some more dolls
Me- Honey you already have enough
Lujain- No Mama... I need more... they are bored and they want to talk to more dolls..

When she gets home from school, I like to ask her how her day went.

Me- How was your day love?
Lujain- I cut some papers with scissors
Me-Oh thats nice, so now you can cut?

Lujain-Yes Mama

Me- What else did you do hon?

Lujain- we did exersize mama. (she is eyeing the playroom)

Me- What did you do?

Lujain- 'she got up to show me' Really fast :)

Me- Oh that is nice hon, so you had fun

Lujain- yes mom (she is getting really fidgety now)

Me- what else did you did you learn 7abooba?

Lujain- ummmm mom, I really can't talk now, can we talk later?, I need to go colour before Mansour wakes up :D

(If Mansour is awake, he terrorises her, and doesn't let her get anything done.. :D)

Two days ago:

I gave both kids some cheetos (Not a usual thing.. but once in a while I give it to them. Mansour usually ALWAYS does a grab and dash on her where he will walk near her without notice... and in a split second grab whatever is in her hand and runnnnnns... lol.. I call it the 'grab and dash'. Anyway Lujain finished hers.... and was staring at Mansours bowl (it takes him ages to finish)... she looked to see that I wasn't looking, and grabbed one and stuffed it into her mouth. He was in shock... not happy... and I had to laugh really hard (I noticed the whole thing).. I then made her give back what she took from him (whatever she wasn't already happily munching).. and continue to laugh...

Lujain- Why are you laughing mama?
Me: I think that was hilarious... my have the tables turned..
Lujain- It is NOT funny, I am angry!
Me- You did wrong hon
Lujain- No, that was my bowl, so it is my cheetos...

Last night:

Lujain: Mama I learnt Arabic (she says it like an American... Ay-ra -(soft r) bic
Me: What did you learn today?
Lujain: Baqara (she says it Back-a-ra (soft r)
Me: That is nice... Baqara means cow hon..
Lujain: Yes mom, and I learnt another word!
Me: Thats is great what did you learn?
Lujain: khashakaha (thats what I heard!)
Me: ha? what was the hon
Lujain: says some gibrish again and she was looking all proud!

For a second I thought maybe just maybe there is a word I may not understand.. so i waited for my husband.. and he asked her to repeat her new word.. and she replied... Khashaha-whatever.

None of us understood... I need to call her arabic teacher! Perhaps get her to send home whatever she teaches her daily...


  1. does she mean كشخه ? , that's how i read it but dunno !!

    She is so cute, may Allah keep and save her and her brother, Amen :)

  2. first thing i thought of,she might ment Shakshaka..which is a slang for dancing in arab parties,but i think its far fetched.

  3. lool.. Kashkha I know.. and that wasn't it... lol.. do you think her Lebanese Australian Arabic (arabic is her second language) teacher would know Shakshaka (lol.. would that be from Shake it Shake it... or something.. hehehe.. lol... can u imagine... ahh... anyway.. thanks for helping me try to decipher this new lingo ;)


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