Oct 23, 2011

Oh Please Shut me up!

Have you ever said somethign to someone.. and the moment it left your lips you felt like kicking yourself in the arse BIG time!! Wishing you could hide in some little black hole where no one could find you. The problem is.. before it comes out, it seems perfectly OK. Today I had an incident that made me feel just so! I was at the dentist at Kingdom Hospital with my kids, and I lady came in with her daughter. We began talking, and did the whole how many kids do you have, how old are they talk that usually occurs. Anyway, she mentioned that her son was 12, and her daughter was 6. And my dumb ass asked her, 'So are you trying for a third now?' her face went completely BLANK. I had to save myself, and explain it away - even though by that time I knew I should have shut up. I was like' your son is 12, your daughter is six, so if you're doing the whole waiting 6 years thing.. now would be the time. SOMEONE PLEASE SHOOT ME! Anyway... If the lady I said that to ever reads this? (Hard chance)... pls forgive my weird joke, I am on a diet, and am not thinking properly :)

I have had other times I wishes I was on a black hole; the day I asked a 12 (or was she 11) year old if she was pregnant- mind you she did look older (and was wearing 3baya and shayla), but her mother was mortified)... I don't blame her. The day I asked this nurse at the hospital how far along she was... ermmm... she at the very least laughed about it, and told me she hasn't ever had a baby, and was not pregnant, but that she gets that question all the time. I really need to observe, and think before I speak... ahhhh.. anyhoo.. once again.. I am veryyy sorry to anyone I met and said something inappropriate to.

Source- http://www.flickr.com/photos/criss_lost_in_space/3615029272/in/pool-867422@N24


  1. LOl oh my you sound like me I ALWAYS do stuff like this. A few weeks ago the owner of the salon here was with this lady that looked just like her and I was like o mashAllah your mom and you look just alike she was like this is my sister and I wanted to just die ugh lol. Oh that is not as worse as somethings I have said lol.

  2. hehehe.. it's awful I tell u!!!! I have more stories... but won't mention them here... heheehe :D

  3. LOOOOOOL this made me laughter. hahaha. :p talk about awkward situations... I would have faked a phone call excused myself and walk away never to show my face again... ;p

  4. I am glad I had you laughing :D Next time (I am sure there WILL be a next time)... I will be sure to try that .. hehehe... Thanks for passing by :)

  5. HAHAHahahh I do that all the time!! Asking poor unsuspecting ladies how far along they are, and they look at me like i'm crazy or something!

    But a 12 year old???? really??? her mother must have been furious!! :P


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