Oct 26, 2011

May you Rest in Peace...

Monday night much of the nation was glued to their TV's in anticipation of the moment the beloved Crown Prince- Prince Sultan's body would return to his homeland after his battle with Colon Cancer, and his death in New York on Saturday October 22nd. Like many of the people watching, I had goose bumps while watching the plane land on Saudi soil. Seeing the beloved King Abdullah walking [albeit with a walker] to receive the body of his younger brother was priceless- made even more touching with the knowledge that the King underwent Back surgery just days prior.

Source- Facebook

The crowd at the airport was overwhelming. The love pouring out to the late crown prince was something unseen. He was known as Sultan Al Khair- the good. He was well known for his charitable association, and the help he lent to those less priviliged. He was a man of honour. I watched a video on YouTube the other day, it brought me to tears, it showed the late Prince with a little handicapped boy. The laughing, the sweetness, the way he made a complete stranger feel like he was more important than anyone else, at that moment, I saw a glimpse of the prince I had not seen before, the paternal side. It was beautiful. Yesterday on twitter one of his grandsons posted a picture of himself as a newborn being held by his late grandfather. The picture once again showed me this wonderful paternal side of the late prince. A very touching site indeed.

Source- Fahad F Saud @1AngryArab

Type Prince Sultan on google, and search the pictures, out of thousands of pictures, I found a handfull that he was not smiling. He was truly the Smiling Prince... always happy...His smile was captivating, he seemed to be a happy and joyful person. He was buried yesterday. His family, His people, the nation have said their last goodbyes.

Source- Facebook

Source- Facebook

May he rest in peace, and it is beautiful that he had the chance to leave this world with so many people thinking so highly of him- again, not something that easily accomplished.

Source: Facebook

I would like you to take note the absolute purity of Islam, that no matter who we are, we all are laid to rest the same way. No extravagant shrines, or tombstones, no expensive marketing inspired coffins, we return to our lord in a simple white sheet- all of us. Royal or Commoner, Rich or poor, Black or white... we all return equal.

Dignitaries from around the world are pouring into our city to pay their last respects....
Allah yr7amak ya Sultan al Khair... May your sins be forgiven, and may you have a place in heaven waiting....

PS- There were articles online titled hundreds at the crown princes funeral (or something of the sort).. I don't know what footage they were watching.. but there were thousands flooding the masjid leaving barely any room to move around..... !


  1. Asalamu Alaikum, this is a loving tribute. I will include this in the next FHWS newsletter insha'Allah <3


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