Oct 24, 2011

Long time no Blog...

This blog post was done last week.. but I forgot to publish it.. so here it is :)

Hey there folks...

Its been an extremely long time since I have blogged.. so I figured I would just start a post.. see where it goes.. and publish it (instead of saving for later and forgetting about it!).. the weather here in Riyadh is getting AMAZING... its Bar-b-que weather... sitting out in the garden with tea and coffee time... going out for lovely walks.. and hopefully fit in a trip to Salama Park (I have never been there yet.. but it looks lovely!). One of my favourite things to do here in Riyadh is to go out and drive.. (Ok.. I don't drive.. I sit in the passenger seat.. but u get the drift.) One of my fav places to check out is dir3iya.. I was saddened recently when I went there Camera in hand, and saw that the place I wanted was under construction.. (the old homes.. and the old palaces can be seen in ruins.. PERFECT)... we tried to find the new park thingy they opened at Wadi (whatever.. I 4get the last part of the name)... we drove and drove.. and drove.. and could not find it.. and my husband refused to stop and ask for directions.. (Typical!!!). Things are different now.. I used to go there often b4 I had kids.. but now with 3 kids under 4... there needs to be MAJOR planning in whatever I do. Its all good though.. its fun enough :) Anyway... I will leave you with a few pictures I took of the area around dir3iya... the farms... the place that used to be a lake.. its kinda nice.. different then hanging around indoors in Riyadh all the time :) Take care <3

I have more pictures... but I am having a hard time uploading them....


  1. Asalam Alaykum YAY your back I always felt like your my blog buddy <3 I love salam park mashAllah BUT go to my husbands work park you all will have no problems I promise :) AND no park will ever look the same after you do lol.

  2. welcome back, it's always pleasure reading for you.

    And the pictures are amazing, glad you have fun :)

  3. welcome back :)
    Diriyah is my fav spot too I can recognize all the places of your pics :)
    That huge villa is next to prince salmans palace btw. We drove all the way around it once and that place is just insane!!looks more like a 5 star luxury resort than a residence.

    lest go there together for a picnic some day :)on weekdays its empty!I took my family there and we could take our abayas off.

    oh and they have been doing restoration of the old mud palace and houses for about two years now I think, and are saying it would take another few years to open to public. I cant wait to see it.
    Already the walkways have been made so nice there.

  4. Noor..enshallah we'll go one day! I need to see greenary pronto!! ,3

    Wafa'a... thank u 7aboooba... missed the blogging life <3

    Layla.... I used to go often.. but haven't been in years... I am glad I still have pictures from b4 <3 We should go! And the weather is now amazing masha'alllaaah <3 I can't wait till its open tothe public again... it was beautiful!


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