Oct 23, 2011

Guns should be locked up or left out of a home...

I was reading several 'news' articles today, and one link after another kept taking me to yet another accidental shooting by a child. My question would be; why are these guns not locked up? why are they loaded? why are they even in the house. Such stories are disturbing. Here are a few of the stories I read;

Source- http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Q7UQ2mivuZc/Td2-uZn1GNI/AAAAAAAABho/bhMLD2Haapo/s1600/Weapon_Free_Zone_No_Guns_Allowed.gif
A Saudi eight-year-old boy accidentally killed his younger sister while playing with his father’s gun in the Gulf Kingdom, Kabar daily reported on Monday.

The boy pulled the trigger by mistake as he was playing with his sister at their house in the southwestern town of Mikhwat, the paper said.

“The shot directly hit the girl…she was rushed to a nearby hospital but she was already dead,” the paper added without specifying the girl’s age.
And another...

A Saudi child killed his one-year-old sister while he was playing with his father’s hunting rifle, 'Sharq' newspaper reported on Saturday.
The child, 5, found his father’s gun and started fiddling with it, not knowing it was loaded, the Arabic language daily said in a report from the central town of Madinah.
“He pulled the trigger and the shot hit his sister who was very close to him….she died instantly,” it said.

And another...

A Saudi child killed his 10-year-old brother while he was playing with his father’s machine gun during a picnic in Saudi Arabia, Okaz daily reported on Monday.
The 11-year-old boy had not realized that he had loaded the weapon when he aimed the gun at his brother and pulled the trigger during a picnic with their parents in the northern town of Qurayat, the paper said.
“Obviously it was an accident but we are talking to the child to know exactly what happened,” said Lt Colonel Turku Muwaishir, a police spokesman.
And yes there is more...

A six-year-old Saudi boy accidentally shot his teen age sister while playing with his father’s gun but doctors said she was improving, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday.

The boy in the central town of Makkah was fiddling with the gun he had found in his father’s room when he put his finger on the trigger and pulled, Shams said.

“The bullet hit his sister in the leg…she was rushed to hospital where she had treatment…doctors later said she was improving.” 
These are so disturbing on so man levels.. my stomach hurts just thinking about it. i am not for guns, but I do believe if you will have such dangerous weapons in your home or around your children, you MUST keep them locked up, and you MUST keep them unloaded. These were all accidents that should not have happened. For the love of God, you job as a parent is to ensure your children are in a safe environment, that there is nothing around them that can harm them. the good old "Qadr Allah' should not be taken so lightly, it was YOUR bad judgement that has caused the event...

Source: http://www.barcoproducts.com/store/enlarge.asp?IMAGE=RSP265.jpg

*All the articles above were from Emirates247.com

PS for some odd reason I am unable to reply.. and I supposedly don'y have access or permission to comment on my own blog? *scratching my head*.. anyway YaMama... I replied to you in the comments... so let mer put it here :D

I completely agree with you! My husband thank GOD does not have a gun, but his father had several... the thought of being close to one freaks me out... (although I do want to go to a shooting range to let off some steam every once in a while:)


  1. That is so terrible! And happens way to often... My husband loves hunting and guns but we keep them all far away from the children, unloaded and with locks on the triggers so that, on the off chance they are able to unlock the locked cupboard they are stored in they cannot actually touch the trigger. People are just too lax with things like this... Not sure what would help.. Awareness... penalties... but what's worse than loosing a child!! Parent need to be more careful.

  2. I would never allow guns in my home as well. I will not even allow Talal to have toy guns.

  3. btw if you can still not comment you gotta go to html and push revert widget and save. It will not delete anything just fix it all.

  4. I did the revert thing.. and it isn't working :( Now I signed out of my google account.. lets see if it works...


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