Sep 12, 2011


I just got this link off a fellow blogger/Facebooker, and what can I say, it really rings true. The song speaks to me, and its soo real. I feel that life is truly a series of moments that we live. Time goes by, we learn, we grow, we move on. We make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes. We have different things we think about at each and every stage of life. We recreate and we start all over again... This can truly be an anthem for life.

Sometimes I feel like my heart is stuck at 18... that moment lives on inside me :) And if I couls speak to the 15 year old me, i would have told her that life is alright. Things did get better, life was not the end as she thought it was. And I would remind her to smile, and to live and love life <3 (at age 15 I stupidly tried to commit suicide... il7amdlilah it did not work!!!)



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