Jul 17, 2011

Long time no blog, and a footling breech...

My Son Abdullah's... Feet... <3
Hello there folks...

I had the laugh of my life when I came to my blog today, It showed that I was 46 weeks 3 days pregnant! Can you imagine that! Being 46 weeks + pregnant! 40 is more then enough thank you very much! Anyway, I welcomed my son Abdullah to this wonderful yet sometimes scary world on June 1st 2011 il7amdlilah (now isn't that a pretty cool birthday? The first day of the month!). I had an interesting birth this time, as some may know, my baby was in a breech position, where his head was up, and his feet were down getting ready to run out of me perhaps? Anyway, for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, I was told that I would have to have a C-Section. Something I truly did not want! The idea of getting cut, and having a real surgery was somewhat frightening to me! I tried everything to flip the baby over, and even made a song where my friends and family would sing over and over and over.... I tried to walk on all fours, I did the sujood position while swaying my hips back and forth. I tried to lay on my back, and keep my pelvis higher then my head... I tried practically tried to hang upside down, not an easy move for a heavily pregnant lady! lol I
scrubbed the floor with my hands... My son simply wouldn't budge! He was nice and comfy rights where he was. My doctor tried to get me to schedule a C-Section, I refused, and told her that I would wait till I was in labour praying that my baby would make the move and simply flip once I was in labour. I was given June 3rd as the last date possible that they would wait for me, and that if labour did not progress, I would have to come in for my c-section. We discussed flipping the baby over manually as well, but seeing that I lost half my amniotic fluid by then, it was deemed impossible.

On June 1st, both my mother and elder sister arrived to Riyadh, they stayed at a hotel as my new house was not ready yet (I am living in it now though il7amdlilaah... with MANY MANY MANY annoying things happening daily- left for a whole post of its own) I got the kids ready, and went to the hotel at around 12pm. I was getting some discomfort, every once and a while, but nothing significant. As I was sitting, the pain got stronger, and stronger. It was at about 5 minutes apart, and then 4 minutes, and then 3 minutes, and the intensity only rising. I called my husband and told him that he needed to come ASAP, as I was in labour. We got the the hospital at around 2pm, and I was in tears, not because of the pain, but because I seriously did not want to have a c-section, something I was sure was going to happen! I was 'checked' in. The baby monitor strapped onto me, and the doctor came to check me. She announced that the baby was still head up and that they were prepping me for the c-section. She left, the nurses left, and only my mom was there with me. My sister was with my 2 other kids, and trying to keep them busy (mind you we were ALL in the labour room, and not once where my kids told to leave the room), but I am figuring this was the case as I would be taken to the Operating room, where the deed would be done. The pain was truly immense by then, and all I would do was recite the shahada over and over again.. (I am not a screamer as I don't think I will gain this magic super power but would rather lose all the energy I need to do the deed). I did my breathing patterns, was trying to relax and all the time trying to calm my daughter down, and let her know that mama was fine, and that her baby brother was going to join us soon enshallah. All of a sudden, I had this urge to push, I could not stop myself, and so I went with it.. PUSHING! I told my mom, and told her I could not stop, I had no control over it. She yelled for the doctor and midwife. They came running in, and checked me, shocked out of their mind that my sons toes had already made their entrance to the world! There was no turning back! They would have to deliver my son, a footling breech baby right away. il7amdlilah within minutes he was out and checked and was a perfectly healthy baby. I was still in shock that he came naturally, as for the last 3 weeks I was told over and over again that it was IMPOSSIBLE to deliver a footling breech baby naturally- I proved them WRONG il7amdlilah. The doctor later told me that she herself was a breech bab and delivered normally. She was given a yelling at for delivering the baby, but asked them if she was supposed to push my sons feet back in so they could cut me open! Anyway, il7amdlilah all went well, my son came out a healthy 3kg (ultrasound 2 weeks prior had him at 3.5kg...lol) He was a beautiful baby, and we all fell in love with him. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days, and thanked Allah every moment for accepting my du
3a, NOT to have a C-section and for the baby to come out healthy.

On a side note, I still can't believe my children were not once made to leave the labour room, but my sister and mom took the initiative and took them out to the hall. Right after giving birth a good friend of mine and her 9 year old daughter walked into the labour room, and were not stopped either. I really think that was inappropriate for the staff, and that they should really do a better job at keeping people out. But it was nice having my friend there as well.

A week later I woke up in a pool of blood, right when I thought all was well.... I was suffering from MAJOR postpartum hemorrhaging... will go into it in my next post enshallah.. I have a baby crying, so I really need to get off.. till the next time enshallah... I have sooo much to blog about, and I promise I will get to it, not sure when, but I will get to it enshallah


  1. Mabrook, may Allah swt. bless him and protect him always inshaallah.
    Alhamdullilah everything went good at the end. Happy to read from you again :)

  2. Congratulations! Alf mabrouk and may Allah bless the new edition to your family! and what an amazing birthstory!! Glad you're back to blogging too :)

  3. Alf ALf ALf Mabroook! I am sorry this is so late! But better late than never. We all want to hear what happens next btw and to know you are ok! (I am sure you are ALhamdulila but we still want to hear all about it). Allah Yhfath all your children :) And hope you are having a blessed ramathan.


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