Jan 17, 2011

Something Positive...

I was doing my usual newspaper rounds online yesterday, when I read an article that caught my attention. It was a religious based article, and for once (in a long time), I saw something that made me happy, it was not the garbage about women not being able to work as cashiers, or about breastfeeding drivers, or any of the numerous other 'out there' issues that have been covered. this time it was a call to STOP supplications against non-Muslims. We have been hearing many sheikhs do nothing more then curse the non-believers, and for once, there was a different perspective put out there; the RIGHT one, the one that is truly based on Islam. 

“These supplications are an aggression against non-Muslims,” said Al-Fouzan, who is also a member of the Saudi Human Rights Commission. “This is against the spirit of Islam. The imams should instead pray to Allah to guide them toward the path of righteousness,” said Al-Fouzan, while describing supplications against non-Muslims as unjust.

This is absolutely correct, the act of cursing or making dua against non-Muslims, is something that has always made me sick to the stomach.I have friends and family of many different faiths, and would personally hope for them to pray that they find the right path instead of damning them to hell. After all we are all the children of Adam (AS). We may have different sets of beliefs that we abide by, but we are all a creation of Allah (SWT). I have in the past personally STOPPED going to a mosque in Toronto for just that, every Friday, all the imam would do would curse Saudi, curse Non-Muslims, while wait for it... "HE WAS LIVING IN A 'NON-MUSLIM" country and raising his children there... pulease!

Anyway, read the rest of the article here; More scholars join calls for stopping supplications against non-Muslims .

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  1. Wow I never even knew they were telling people to pray against non-Muslims. AstagfurAllah that is not Islam. I wish they could control people spreading false lies against us and what we believe in.

  2. Thanks a lot for the article, too late for his call but better late than never .

    I am sharing the article in Facebook if you don't mind :)

  3. I just want you to know I used your posting at Xroads....


    Nice blog! Sounds like the kids are a handfull. Good for them, good for you and hubby!

  4. You are more then welcome to it :) Thanks for passing by.

  5. Hmmm, anyone cursing this particular non-believer would be well advised to not do it in person, not unless they are ready for a punch on the jaw!


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