Jan 28, 2011

Saudi Roads...

Picture Source: http://wgaw.blogspot.com/2010/09/driving-in-saudi-ladies-and-gents-lane.html
A depiction of how roads in Saudi will be once women are granted the right to drive :)


  1. HAHA once were allowed to drive I DOUBT that ever happens and I had a reminderer of why several times this weekend.

    1. I was told I can not ride the roller coaster bc I am a woman so its FORBIDDEN.

    2. I was in The Gap shopping and the entire store was women just minding their own and the haya walked in telling everyone in Arabic that God was watching us.

  2. Oh God, I really can't stand them! Where were you banned? do we have fun parks that are mixed? (pls enlighten me... I would love to go to one)... but I have been there, reminds me of when I was forbidden from going on a bumper car as I was clearly of the wrong gender.. arghhh !!! :'( Sometimes I think they forget that God is watching them, those actions have pulled people away from their religion which is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what these fools are meant to do!

  3. exactly, the haia have forgotten God sees everything they do. Maybe they have such a sense of power it has blinded them and they think they are above the law, and God!!

    there are amusement parks that have ladies only days and you can enjoy the rides :)

  4. good grief.....I would so not survive over there, however I am like you I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to change the driving laws.

    Gill in Canada

  5. lol.. It is hard to survive.. but I do hope that change will happen. WOmen driving is a basic right, and I know that King Abdullah is not against it. I just hope that those that are against it, wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to let women drive.

  6. I can understand other issues, but not allowing women to drive just doesn't make sense to me.
    I admire you ladies for being able to survive there, specially in Riyadh, I have been there once and I almost had depression. xx

  7. LOOl i cant help laughing haha, King abdullah needs 2 bann the whole bunch of haya muttawas whatever they are so annoying, but yeah i came here to say missed u sis, how are u? inshallah your doing well
    lots of love


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