Jan 16, 2011

Only for Men!

A while back I went to take my daughter to this play place. It was the first time I took her to a place that wasn't in a mall. Anyway while standing there, I saw this massage chair. And behind it a sign in Arabic stating; lil rejal faqat, meaning, 'For men only'. I was dumbstruck, I did not understand why a women could not use the chair, a part of me wanted to sit right down and see what would happen, but then again I am also a clean freak , and wasn't so sure about the cleanliness of the chair. It was situated in a play place for children, where parents come in and take the kids to play, so I really don't understand the problem with a mom needing a massage.

Here is another sign at the entrance



  1. Asalam Alaykum, I do not know if I should just laugh or cry but its all pretty weird..

    Okay who would want to sit in that nasty chair anyway? NOT I!!! And why can men and not women ugh its just a chair its not like were going to get a thrill at the playground LOL. And how rude they treat people haram alak!!

  2. BTW I say we go there and SIT in it even take pictures in it and then rip the signs down and RUN lol laughing all the way hahahahaha

  3. I agree, go back and sit in the chair and take a picture :) You can always pretend you don't understand arabic!And whats up with the maids having to wear veils in order to enter??
    is this some kind of muttawa run play place lol

  4. It is wrong to treat people like that, but the problem is, they are sadly allowed :( As for sitting in the chair, I am not too sure I even want to go back there, but perhaps one day if I am driving by, I will ask hubby to stop so I can run in, sit down and get a pic.. loool As for the maids and wearing I veil, I really didn't get it! But I guess they just can't handle themselves being around maids without veils or women perhaps getting a little too relaxed in a massage chair... I wish I understood what was in their head at times.

  5. maybe its a "special" massage chair lol???


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