Jan 1, 2011

My 2011 bucket list

 Last year, I had many things that I wanted done, and I unfortunatly got next to none of them done. So this year, I will attempt to make a new list. Enshallah this year I will actually get some of them done.

  1. Become a better mother to my children and a better wife to my husband
  2. Make it through labour and welcome my new baby into this world
  3. Make my new house, and actual home
  4. Make a better effort with my friends and family
  5. Remember to make 'just because I miss you' calls to close friends
  6. Go to Toronto, New York, LA, and London
  7. To lose weight after i have my baby
  8. TO really lose weight after i have my baby :D
  9. To host a party at my home for my good friends
  10. To finally take the Wilton cake course
  11. To meet some old friends, as well as new friends I have made in the blogeshpere
  12. To once and for all get take Soda out of my life (I stopped it for 3 years prior to coming to Saudi, but something in this country makes one just want to drink Soda.. lol)
  13. To trt to enforce a healthier lifestyle with my children
  14. To take my kids to the park
  15. To teach my daughter how to ride a bike
  16. To teach my son how to ride a bike
  17. To make more home cooked meals and eat LESS take out crap!
  18. To make ice cream from scratch :)
  19. To attempt to start my masters (this one is pushing it.. I just may have to re-add it to my 2012 list)
  20. To practise my religion more (I don't know why its all the way at the end here, but it does mean a LOT to me!.
  21. To make a difference to those around me
  22. To smile more, and talk to random strangers like I used to before I came here

This is not the complete list, but as my son is sitting here hitting my laptop, I think it may mean he wants some time with mama.. lol.. So this is me tackling number one on my list already :D :D :D

Take care.. and God Bless <3


  1. Happy new year my dear , and inshAllah this year will be the best of years and you can achieve all your goals plus the ones in your bucket list above :)

    P.S: #21 you did make huge difference with your words when i was done last week , thanks a lot :)

  2. Hala 7abeebti.. u really are too sweet.. and i meant everything I said. And this is a sincere reach out.. if you ever need anything, an ear, a shoulder or whatever you need, know that I will be here for you, you can reach me on the email I have here.

    Take care.. and I am glad that you feel I was able to help you.. XOXO

  3. hmm,for me, i stopped drinking soft drinks completely for a year in riyadh,then when i flew to the US,due to lack of fresh juiceries in Northcarolina we ended up drinking it again :(

    wallahi i envy you for building up such a good list,i wish u best,i read this post and mama bees post and i am trying to encourage my self to write one,but the last two years were too hard on me,i only get dark thoughts when i think of it.

  4. What I have noticed is that when I sit and really take in the flavour of what I am drinking (soda)... it tastes awful.... I think its the fizz that gets people.

    I am sure you will make great changes without even making a list. And thus far I find you are a great father!


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