Jan 6, 2011


I am truly frustrated, and don't want to go into all the details. But I am rather annoyed, I have a CLOSE family member talking about me to EVERYONE possible. I mean everyone. I have had at least 3 people come to me and tell me of the things being said about me, and whats frustrates me, is that NONE of it is true. NONE OF IT! Not even a bloody seed! I made it clear when being told this stuff, that I really was NOT interested in listening to any of it, and that I would NOT go into trying to defend myself, as it really is not my way to discuss personal issues or personal NON issues with others! Anyway, This post is to please remind people, NOT to backbite, not to make things up about people, and to always remember that GOD is watching, and you shall reap the rewards.

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  1. Asalam Alaykum sis I am so sorry you sure do not deserve that what so ever but you know that person is so jealous of you subhanAllah.

  2. Om Lujain, I don't know if the people who are talking about you are here in Saudi but for some reason it is like a pass time for some people! The best thing is to ignore it and let it go. Take the high road. The truth comes out in the end. Things will get better soon.

  3. Noor thank you... I just wish people would keep their mouth shut :s

    yamaamaa... you guessed right.. she is in Saudi :( It is sad though, especially when the relationship we share would usually mean she should fight anyone who talks about me, not go around and start it :(


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