Jan 25, 2011

Complete Randomness...

The Canadian embassy in Riyadh should look into hiring NATIVE english speakers instead of the crap they uselessly employ now. Heck, all English speaking foreign embassies need to do the same!

People should really learn how to deal with clients/patients. I believe that there should be more courses available, and they should be mandatory before they work.

Lebanon is in trouble!

The world is all screwed up!

I have reached the WOW you are pregnant stage in my pregnancy.

My son still only has 4 teeth and is 16 months old today (masha'allah).

My son needs a haircut!

My daughter has her very first zoo trip next week, and I am thinking I want to be part of it.

My house is getting there, lots of morons to deal with, but nevertheless things are finally being done!

I have a headache.

I made Batata ma7shi for the first time today, hope it tastes as good as it looks :)

I am itching to travel, I have been in Riyadh too long.

I need to order my maid, but I really am scared after my last experience :s

I miss coffee!

I miss coffee!

I miss coffee!

Gonna go get myself a piece of brownie I made last night at around midnight!



  1. Awww you are so cute! I love the randomness...hehehe MashaAllah to all...and hope you get to travel..I drank coffee while preggie an I think it is fine :)

  2. Thank you dear <3 During my first pregnancy I drank absolutely NO coffee, my second, I had a cup or two during my pregnancy, this one, I am 21 weeks + and I have had coffee about 5 times so far.. lol.... but I try my best to reallly not over do it.

  3. I used to be a coffee addict, and when I got pregnant and had to stop drinking I got some severe withdrawal from it :D
    But its best you avoid it altogether!Think about it, you wouldn't give it to you newborn baby, so don't expose her to it when shes even smaller and more vulnerable :)
    P.S there is something for you on my blog

  4. You've been gone a long time! I've made it successfully to the second trimester and FINALLY have started enjoying food! I'm not really a coffee drinker..but tea? about 3 cups a day!

    did you get the show down done with the teacher?? what really happened?

  5. lol.. I have been gone a bit too long eh?! My problem is, once I get used to not blogging, its gets reallllly hard for me to get back to it again! But I know I need to. I have a lot to blog about! I am glad you got through your first trimester smoothly il7amdlilah! I am sure the rest of your pregnancy will go over smoothly enshallah. The thing is, I completely stopped coffee for my first child. Drank coffee once in a blue moon for my second, and now with my third, I have had it about 6 times now! I try my best not to have it, and to go for a decaf or a hot chocolate if I am out. But I firmly believe that too much will certainly not do my baby any good. As for the teacher, my husband has requested that I not say anything to the teacher yet... BUT I have drilled my daughter NEVER to do it for anyone other then ME :D :D :D And she has passed several tests I have thrown her way.. lol

    Layla... I didn't know you were pregnant! Alf Mabrooook! And you;re right, it should be easy to stop when you think of the little being inside you! When r u due enshallah? And I am gonna go over to your blog now to see whats there for me:) *Excited.. * lol


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