Jan 25, 2011

Complete Randomness...

The Canadian embassy in Riyadh should look into hiring NATIVE english speakers instead of the crap they uselessly employ now. Heck, all English speaking foreign embassies need to do the same!

People should really learn how to deal with clients/patients. I believe that there should be more courses available, and they should be mandatory before they work.

Lebanon is in trouble!

The world is all screwed up!

I have reached the WOW you are pregnant stage in my pregnancy.

My son still only has 4 teeth and is 16 months old today (masha'allah).

My son needs a haircut!

My daughter has her very first zoo trip next week, and I am thinking I want to be part of it.

My house is getting there, lots of morons to deal with, but nevertheless things are finally being done!

I have a headache.

I made Batata ma7shi for the first time today, hope it tastes as good as it looks :)

I am itching to travel, I have been in Riyadh too long.

I need to order my maid, but I really am scared after my last experience :s

I miss coffee!

I miss coffee!

I miss coffee!

Gonna go get myself a piece of brownie I made last night at around midnight!

Jan 17, 2011

Something Positive...

I was doing my usual newspaper rounds online yesterday, when I read an article that caught my attention. It was a religious based article, and for once (in a long time), I saw something that made me happy, it was not the garbage about women not being able to work as cashiers, or about breastfeeding drivers, or any of the numerous other 'out there' issues that have been covered. this time it was a call to STOP supplications against non-Muslims. We have been hearing many sheikhs do nothing more then curse the non-believers, and for once, there was a different perspective put out there; the RIGHT one, the one that is truly based on Islam. 

“These supplications are an aggression against non-Muslims,” said Al-Fouzan, who is also a member of the Saudi Human Rights Commission. “This is against the spirit of Islam. The imams should instead pray to Allah to guide them toward the path of righteousness,” said Al-Fouzan, while describing supplications against non-Muslims as unjust.

This is absolutely correct, the act of cursing or making dua against non-Muslims, is something that has always made me sick to the stomach.I have friends and family of many different faiths, and would personally hope for them to pray that they find the right path instead of damning them to hell. After all we are all the children of Adam (AS). We may have different sets of beliefs that we abide by, but we are all a creation of Allah (SWT). I have in the past personally STOPPED going to a mosque in Toronto for just that, every Friday, all the imam would do would curse Saudi, curse Non-Muslims, while wait for it... "HE WAS LIVING IN A 'NON-MUSLIM" country and raising his children there... pulease!

Anyway, read the rest of the article here; More scholars join calls for stopping supplications against non-Muslims .

Take care


Jan 16, 2011

Only for Men!

A while back I went to take my daughter to this play place. It was the first time I took her to a place that wasn't in a mall. Anyway while standing there, I saw this massage chair. And behind it a sign in Arabic stating; lil rejal faqat, meaning, 'For men only'. I was dumbstruck, I did not understand why a women could not use the chair, a part of me wanted to sit right down and see what would happen, but then again I am also a clean freak , and wasn't so sure about the cleanliness of the chair. It was situated in a play place for children, where parents come in and take the kids to play, so I really don't understand the problem with a mom needing a massage.

Here is another sign at the entrance


It's that time of the year again...

It is that time of the year again, the time I used to enjoy sooo much as a young girl, the time I would plan my birthday party, have my friends over, and enjoy a day where it was all about me, myself, and I.

As I have grown older wiser, what can I say, I somehow have begun to it dread (just a bit till I had my great epiphany). Not because I am aging, (I AM STILL YOUNG AT HEART :D), but because I am not where I thought I would be in life. I thought I would have gotten so much more; but as a friend reminded me, I never planned to be married with kids till I was older, and getting married at 24 (young for abroad, but kinda old for Saudi.. lol) wasn't exactly part of my plan, I may have not become a big shot running some work place, or a doctor, or an engineer, or , or, or....

..... I am not where I wanted to be n life, I am where I now WANT to be in life. I have a lovely family, an amazing husband, the sweetest daughter anyone can ask for, the dearest baby son, and a little athlete doing carthweels in me :)  This is what I want in life now, I am content, I am happy, and I am embracing my wiser self :)

And Happy Push day to the greatest mommy in the world, I haven't made your life easy, but just know that I will always love you, and I inspire to be what you were to me, a great mom, and an amazing person.

Jan 6, 2011


I am truly frustrated, and don't want to go into all the details. But I am rather annoyed, I have a CLOSE family member talking about me to EVERYONE possible. I mean everyone. I have had at least 3 people come to me and tell me of the things being said about me, and whats frustrates me, is that NONE of it is true. NONE OF IT! Not even a bloody seed! I made it clear when being told this stuff, that I really was NOT interested in listening to any of it, and that I would NOT go into trying to defend myself, as it really is not my way to discuss personal issues or personal NON issues with others! Anyway, This post is to please remind people, NOT to backbite, not to make things up about people, and to always remember that GOD is watching, and you shall reap the rewards.

Picture Source: http://www.andreajlee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/seller_frustrated_opt.jpg


Jan 1, 2011

My 2011 bucket list

 Last year, I had many things that I wanted done, and I unfortunatly got next to none of them done. So this year, I will attempt to make a new list. Enshallah this year I will actually get some of them done.

  1. Become a better mother to my children and a better wife to my husband
  2. Make it through labour and welcome my new baby into this world
  3. Make my new house, and actual home
  4. Make a better effort with my friends and family
  5. Remember to make 'just because I miss you' calls to close friends
  6. Go to Toronto, New York, LA, and London
  7. To lose weight after i have my baby
  8. TO really lose weight after i have my baby :D
  9. To host a party at my home for my good friends
  10. To finally take the Wilton cake course
  11. To meet some old friends, as well as new friends I have made in the blogeshpere
  12. To once and for all get take Soda out of my life (I stopped it for 3 years prior to coming to Saudi, but something in this country makes one just want to drink Soda.. lol)
  13. To trt to enforce a healthier lifestyle with my children
  14. To take my kids to the park
  15. To teach my daughter how to ride a bike
  16. To teach my son how to ride a bike
  17. To make more home cooked meals and eat LESS take out crap!
  18. To make ice cream from scratch :)
  19. To attempt to start my masters (this one is pushing it.. I just may have to re-add it to my 2012 list)
  20. To practise my religion more (I don't know why its all the way at the end here, but it does mean a LOT to me!.
  21. To make a difference to those around me
  22. To smile more, and talk to random strangers like I used to before I came here

This is not the complete list, but as my son is sitting here hitting my laptop, I think it may mean he wants some time with mama.. lol.. So this is me tackling number one on my list already :D :D :D

Take care.. and God Bless <3

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