Dec 5, 2010

Let US put an END to Legalized Pedophilia!

There are many wrongs made right in this society. There are too many issues that truly make my stomach turn, but this is one that is even worst then most of the awful things women are forced to accept and live with. The difference here is that it is NOT women who are being forced into this disgusting act, but mere children. A child as tender as 8 being forced to marry a man that could easily be her father/grandfather and in some cases a GREAT grandfather, all for financial, or emotional control. It is a sick act that must be stopped. The society has turned a blind eye to many wrongs, but this is our children that are in harms way, OUR children that are being raped under the guise of a legal union. We need to stand up and force the government to recognize this as a wrongful act that needs to be changed. It is time NOW to stop elderly men from taking children as trophy wife. A young girl is NOT physically, mentally or emotionally ready or capable to be forced into such a life. We need to allow our daughters to be children. I sit here and look at my 3 year old daughter, I could not imagine the heart of a parent who allows a child 5 years her senior or even 10 years her senior to be wed to a ancient man. rules need to be placed. I have no issue with a 16 year old marrying an 18 year old, but I do have an issue with a 16 year old marrying a 50 year old!

A friend and fellow blogger Eman Al Nafjan from Saudi Womans Weblog has started a campaign fighting this very issue. I would hope and urge that all of you would go right over and sign the petition to urge the Saudi Minister of Justice to put an end to this act.  Many people have argued that this is not happening that much, and that the few cases in the media are the minority, moreover saying that most Saudi's are against the act. But without a law forbidding it, it will go on. Even one child forced into a marriage with a grown man is wrong, please let us put a stop to it.

This is a radio interview with Eman Al-Nafjan on this topic. Saudi Arabia’s campaign against child brides

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