Dec 8, 2010

All grown up ...

My Daughter has been sick for the last 5 days now, and has not gone to school. She always has a way of making me smile. Anyway, on Saturday her father left the iPad here for her to use, and the next day, he took it to his office. So come Sunday morning, she was up bright and early, desperatly searching for the iPad. She checks all the regular spots that we usually leave it, and then realises that it is not here. She puts the pieces together, and storms over to me, and we have the following conversation;

Her- Mommy, where is my iPad?
Me- It's not your iPad hon, its daddy's iPad.
Her- Mommy, I want my iPad now!
Me- You can't have it, its not here.
Her- I want to call daddy!
Me- Why?
Her- I want daddy to bring my iPad home NOW!

So I called for her, and this was the conversation between her and her dad

Her- Daddy, where is my iPad?
Him- *Chuckles* It's not yours.
Her- Daddy, bring my iPad home NOW.
Me- LuLu, say please.. (lol)
Her- Daddy, PLEASE bring my iPad home NOW!
Him- *Laughs*, I'll bring it for you when I am done work.

So my 3 year old daughter already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. I have yet to see him say NO to her.. lol

On another note, I was sitting there washing my face, and doing my usual routine. My daughter walks in, and looks at me and says. 'Mommy, you are Beautiful.'. My heart melted, it was such a sweet thing for her to say, I immediatly picked her up, hugged her, and told her she was the most beautiful person in the world.

She is growing up, and is continously putting smiles on my face. I love how she is really her own little person now, with her own opinions, and all. I pray that she grows into the beautiful person I know she will become enshallah. I love her to pieces

The loves of my life <3



  1. Such a nice post :-D Made me smile...It is great to be a mother and the kids are bringing so much joy and happiness through these situations..Mashaallah
    Hugs and Love

  2. Thank you dear bosnishmuslima :) It is an amazing feeling il7amdlilaah. Thanks for passing by.. XOXO

  3. so beautiful post, it melts my heart :)

    mother's love is the best love of all :)

    May Allah guide her and protect her and shower her with blessings :)

  4. Mashallah, allah yi7fath'ha. And Salamat'ha. I hope she is feeling better. It goes by fast Umm Lujain! my eldest is turning 8! I'm stunned lol.

  5. aww wow what a beautiful post your daughter sounds incredibly addorable kids always make people smile, thinking of you and missing you habibti ;)
    take good care

  6. Looool, it makes me recall how my father used to do everything for me and what he is still doing... I really enjoy the reading it reminds me a lot of my own childhood :)). Hope she 'll feel better soon InshAllah.

  7. Asalam Alaykum oh sis mashAllah she is such a big girl and they do always have baba wrapped don't they. My son always knows when to make me smile as well kids are such a blessing mashAllah.


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