Dec 27, 2010

Update on new visa requirement for Canadian Visiting the UAE

Update on new visa requirement for Canadian passport holders visiting the United Arab Emirates  

Regular passport holders who intend to travel to the UAE before January 2011 do not require a visa. Upon arrival, Canadians will receive a 30-day entry permit which may be extended for a limited amount of time.

As of January 2, 2011 a visa will be required for tourism and business purposes. Regular passport holders can obtain a visitor or tourist visa through hotels or travel agencies in the UAE or through the offices of Emirates or Etihad Airlines    which also offer an online visa application.
Canadians travelling to UAE on business or visiting friends (not staying in hotels or travelling via Emirate or Etihad airlines) will require their sponsor (friend, family, or business contact) to apply for their visa from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once visa approval is obtained, the sponsor will be required to transmit a copy of the visa by email or fax to the Canadian traveler, who will pick up their original visa on arrival in the UAE.

Canadians transiting through the UAE will be able to obtain a transit visa at the airport upon presentation of travel documents indicating that they will leave the UAE within 96 hours to their onward destination.
All diplomatic and special passport holders, or persons travelling on blue passports for diplomatic business, must obtain their visa from the Embassy of the UAE before travelling to the United Arab Emirates.
Canadians (visitor, resident, etc) who travel without a visa and attempt to enter the UAE after January 1, 2011 will be denied entry to the UAE.  This is a decision of the UAE government and neither the Canadian Consulate General in Dubai nor the Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi will be able to provide any assistance to these travellers at the port of entry.

Visa requirements are subject to change at any time. It is the traveller's responsibility to check with the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates for up-to-date information. Canadian travellers are also invited to check the travel report.  

Dec 8, 2010

All grown up ...

My Daughter has been sick for the last 5 days now, and has not gone to school. She always has a way of making me smile. Anyway, on Saturday her father left the iPad here for her to use, and the next day, he took it to his office. So come Sunday morning, she was up bright and early, desperatly searching for the iPad. She checks all the regular spots that we usually leave it, and then realises that it is not here. She puts the pieces together, and storms over to me, and we have the following conversation;

Her- Mommy, where is my iPad?
Me- It's not your iPad hon, its daddy's iPad.
Her- Mommy, I want my iPad now!
Me- You can't have it, its not here.
Her- I want to call daddy!
Me- Why?
Her- I want daddy to bring my iPad home NOW!

So I called for her, and this was the conversation between her and her dad

Her- Daddy, where is my iPad?
Him- *Chuckles* It's not yours.
Her- Daddy, bring my iPad home NOW.
Me- LuLu, say please.. (lol)
Her- Daddy, PLEASE bring my iPad home NOW!
Him- *Laughs*, I'll bring it for you when I am done work.

So my 3 year old daughter already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. I have yet to see him say NO to her.. lol

On another note, I was sitting there washing my face, and doing my usual routine. My daughter walks in, and looks at me and says. 'Mommy, you are Beautiful.'. My heart melted, it was such a sweet thing for her to say, I immediatly picked her up, hugged her, and told her she was the most beautiful person in the world.

She is growing up, and is continously putting smiles on my face. I love how she is really her own little person now, with her own opinions, and all. I pray that she grows into the beautiful person I know she will become enshallah. I love her to pieces

The loves of my life <3

Dec 6, 2010

Alf Mabrook ya Q8!

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Last nights final match for the Gulf Cup was between Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Although my allegiance was with Saudi, I still have a soft spot for Kuwait. After all it was the country I spent my teenage years in, and grew to love like my own. So, I would like to send a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Kuwait. It was a win well deserved. I remember the last time Kuwait won back in 1996, I was living in Kuwait, and enjoyed partying with the rest of the country, young and old, male and female; it was beautiful, it was amazing to see these very different people flood the streets with joy and happiness for one team, one country :) . I still have the cassette they gave away in the streets featuring Abdullah Rowaished singing 'Oooh Ya Kuwait' (that may not be the official name of the track). It was a beautiful time, and the memories are great. So alf Mabroook yal Azrag, Mabroook to the people of Kuwait, oo a win for you, is a win for us all :)

Dec 5, 2010

Let US put an END to Legalized Pedophilia!

There are many wrongs made right in this society. There are too many issues that truly make my stomach turn, but this is one that is even worst then most of the awful things women are forced to accept and live with. The difference here is that it is NOT women who are being forced into this disgusting act, but mere children. A child as tender as 8 being forced to marry a man that could easily be her father/grandfather and in some cases a GREAT grandfather, all for financial, or emotional control. It is a sick act that must be stopped. The society has turned a blind eye to many wrongs, but this is our children that are in harms way, OUR children that are being raped under the guise of a legal union. We need to stand up and force the government to recognize this as a wrongful act that needs to be changed. It is time NOW to stop elderly men from taking children as trophy wife. A young girl is NOT physically, mentally or emotionally ready or capable to be forced into such a life. We need to allow our daughters to be children. I sit here and look at my 3 year old daughter, I could not imagine the heart of a parent who allows a child 5 years her senior or even 10 years her senior to be wed to a ancient man. rules need to be placed. I have no issue with a 16 year old marrying an 18 year old, but I do have an issue with a 16 year old marrying a 50 year old!

A friend and fellow blogger Eman Al Nafjan from Saudi Womans Weblog has started a campaign fighting this very issue. I would hope and urge that all of you would go right over and sign the petition to urge the Saudi Minister of Justice to put an end to this act.  Many people have argued that this is not happening that much, and that the few cases in the media are the minority, moreover saying that most Saudi's are against the act. But without a law forbidding it, it will go on. Even one child forced into a marriage with a grown man is wrong, please let us put a stop to it.

This is a radio interview with Eman Al-Nafjan on this topic. Saudi Arabia’s campaign against child brides

Older posts on this topic- No to Minor Marriage

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