Nov 21, 2010

A wake up call is needed....

Many have probably heard of the recent torture of maids in the kingdom. There have been two cases this week, both of Indonesian nationals who have rocked the nation. The brutal torture of a maid in Madinah (funnily known historically for having the kindest of people); 23-year-old Sumiati BT Salan Mustapa. She was beaten beyond recognition, and burnt with an iron, has had her lips cut off, and endless other types of torture my stomach cannot even handle.

Sumiati BT Salan Mustapa; Before and after


There is also the other sad incident of a slain Indonesian maid- Kikim Komalasari, 36- found dumped on the road side in Abha, her Sponsors; a Saudi husband and wife, have been arrested for this heinous crime.

The agressors in both cases are evil. I do not blame it on being a Saudi, as I have seen many Saudis that treat their maids with dignity and respect, and that have welcomed them into their homes with compassion. I blame this on sick human beings that have zero respect for others. Sick human beings that have been taught that they are above the law. Sick human beings that show zero regard for those less fortunate, and have sadly welcomed the maids into their homes as they would a new household appliance- sadly the appliance would get more respect in the household then some of these maids. I would like to understand what has pushed these people to commit such horrendous acts. Where did they leave their religion, and what our Prophet (PBUH) has taught us about the treatment of others? Have they just taken whatever suits them and left the rest to rot? It is sad that these sick people are tainting an entire nation and the many wonderful citizens they have. If one is unhappy with their maid, they can just send her home, and hope for a better one to come their way. Why must people resolve to cruel and unusual punishment? I truly believe that these people should be put on public display and should be severely punished. A life for a life should be put in order. Let them be examples of what this countries people, and judicial system will no longer tolerate. Let the fear of what goes around comes around be a reality. No one should be above the law, as no one should be below the law. At the end of the day, we are all humans, and should be justly dealt with, without even the slightest thought of race, nationality or colour. I do hope that for the sake of this great country, justice will be served, and no one gets away with murder or torture.



  1. this is truly disgusting and sickening..although many people now will say "saudis are all like that" I dont believe that's true. Like you said many treat their maids like family members. Sick people are everywhere in the world, the saudi society itself just enables this kind of torture to go on more easily.
    Hope the perpretrators get PROPER punishments so that KSA can show the world it does care for its foreign workers.

  2. thanks for the post! i think people should really wake up and make a move..i wont say its saudi but i will say its a very common problem in the gulf kuwait too we have it a lot!!! and ive seen a lot of ppl mistreat their maids and i was disgusted! there is the good and bad..

    i am saying its common in the Gulf because my maid has told me so..most asians try to go work in the US or elsewhere because they wont find torture there..not saing never but not the type of torture they find in our part of the world..i see the news in the philipini news (she shows me) and its always Kuwait, KSA, and UAE with the most domestic help torture, rape, and even y is it the news r posting this how come its in our part? we're muslims, ilrasol 3alayhi il9alat wilsalam teachings were to b good o ra7eemeen to ilfaqeer wil7ayawan yet they dont act on it..sad very sad..ive seen a few campaigns to treat domestic help good in both KSA and Kuwaiti advertisments but what we need is laws, better laws punishing those acting the bad acts..jail time, not days and bailing out with money, no we want them to learn that these r human beings who have a aright to a better life and not slaves we dont own them with the few dinars/riyals/drhams we give them each month

  3. horrifying really there are no words other than this

  4. Kindly PLS read this esp. THE COMMENTS

  5. Thank you for passing by girls.. :)

    Sonnet; Thank you, I read it, and read the brainless unthoughtful comments filled with hate. It is sad!

  6. Anyone who fears Allah and the day of Judgement won'do something like that. I am speechless again and again!!!

  7. Salaam,
    Oh my gosh that is so horrible! That poor woman :( I can't understand how anybody could do such a thing to someone else. You have to be one really sick individual! It makes me so sad for her :(

  8. I stopped at the photos of this poor lady. It was just too hard to handle the rest. I think we will always wonder how a human being can do that to an other one. And sadly, we will never find the answer.
    I don't really trust maids and even if we have some who were good a lot of them stole us. We had to fire them so the moral is when you are not especially happy with a maid's work, you always have the choice to fire her and to tidy for a while without help.

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