Nov 1, 2010


Well, I haven't gained, and I haven't lost either. After being soooooo bloody hopeful of losing this baby podge, who am I kidding? It's a whole lot more then mere podge. Anyway, I have gone and done it again, and my intense weight loss campaign will have to be on hold for a while longer. It's all good, I am blessed, but I fear what I will become :( Walking is still in the picture, the treadmill better come in the picture, or I will be an extremelty hormonal lady raging throughout this city I call home :)

Anyhoo, will keep y'all updated on what becomes of me in the next few months.

Take care :)


  1. Ohh why are you on hold?? InshaAllah everything s alright. Is it what I am thinking? You can definetly make it so healthy and feel exercise :) InshAllah everything goes well!

  2. Mashallah, if this is what I think then Mabrook! Allah itamim inshallah. A friend of mine just found out she's pregnant 8 months after giving birth... Now she's trying to convince me to join her lo (mine is 10 months old) ummm maybe later! I need to loose the last 6 kg before I start again!
    I bought a dress that is 3 sizes too small for me and was gonna wear it to a wedding in oct. That didn't work out so there's another wedding in march and one more in may. If by may i don't fit into it I'm giving it away!! lol

  3. I have officially lost weight .. lol.. madri if its healthy or not.. but I have lost my appetite.. but I am sure I will make up for it in the coming months :)

    Yala.. pls join.. mine will be 11 months apart.. and it would only be fair to see other mothers sharing my pain :) the more the merrier.. right :D I never finished losing all my weight between the first 2... and here I am adding the 3rd.. bes yseer khair enshallah... As for the buying dresses too small... I have been known to do that.. and it usually works.. I would buy something that was slightly smaller then me.. and it would always be the push for me to lose weight... I have never understood why people buy bigger sizes.. I mean once you do that.. you are just begging to go even higher :D

    Thanks for passing by gals :)

  4. Assalamu alaikum

    Can you please provide me with your email address?


  5. sure... its omlujain @ (no spaces)


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